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LTTS to help Auto Industry for AI-Driven Software Defined Vehicles

L&T Technology Services Accelerates Transition to Smart Vehicles with Generative AI on AWS

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Larsen Toubro Technology Services (LTTS) proposes to leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help global auto majors transition towards software defined vehicles using generative AI.

L&T Technology Services (LTTS), a Mumbai-based company that provides digital engineering, research, and development (R&D) services, has announced that it is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to assist global automotive manufacturers with the adoption of Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs) through the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

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What are software defined vehicles (SDVs)?

Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs) heavily rely on software to track, manage, and control their movement, including engine/motor performance and ride comfort. These vehicles use sensors and computer systems to make driving safer and more efficient.

Through the use of software updates over the air (OTA) from the cloud, digitally enabled vehicles can significantly improve their safety, security, entertainment, and convenience. This allows drivers to continue to receive value from their vehicle, even after purchase.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) workbenches

Amazon Workbench is a visual tool that provides data modeling, data visualization, and query development features to help you design, create, query, and manage the Database that stores all kinds of data.

LTTS partners with AWS, the most comprehensive and widely used cloud service in the world, to assist vehicle manufacturers globally in speeding up the development of advanced SDVs. The company offers customized safety and security solutions that encompass digital cockpit, connected services, and self-driving capabilities. By utilizing virtual workbenches on AWS, LTTS has been able to REDUCE the time it takes to launch new products by 25%. This platform aids in the development and testing of new software for vehicle electronic control units (ECUs), which are responsible for managing a car’s operations.

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Amazon CodeWhisperer – software development environment

Amazon CodeWhisperer is a tool that helps software developers write better code. It uses AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze code and provide suggestions to improve it.

To accelerate the development of self-driving vehicles across the globe, LTTS leverages Amazon CodeWhisperer as the preferred development environment for its engineering teams. Amazon CodeWhisperer provides real-time AI-powered code recommendations, assisting LTTS engineers in developing smart applications such as driver warnings, automated braking, and steering functions aimed at enhancing a vehicle’s on-road performance. It will enable fleet managers, maintenance staff, and other stakeholders to interact with the car and access car details via large language models (LLMs) built on AWS.

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Amazon bedrock

AWS Bedrock is a machine learning platform that helps businesses build generative AI applications. 

LTTS is utilizing Amazon Bedrock, which is a fully managed service that provides access to a range of top foundation models, and also allows for the creation and scaling of generative AI applications.

This is being used to implement cloud-based vehicle test automation and to leverage existing, proven, high-quality safety compliance code, which in turn is helping to reduce the time required to develop new software applications. By using AWS IoT FleetWise, an innovative service that simplifies the process of collecting, transforming, and transferring data from vehicles to the cloud in near real-time, LTTS can enhance vehicle quality, safety, and autonomy.

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LTTS to train one thousand employees on these technologies

LTTS has launched an extensive training program in collaboration with AWS to equip its employees with digital skills and enhance innovation. Through the Global Engineering Academy, the organization is providing continuous learning opportunities to its workforce, including generative AI workshops offered by AWS. By March 2024, the academy aims to train 1,000 engineers worldwide in important cloud skills and applications, such as Amazon CodeWhisperer, which will assist them in developing SDV software and applications more efficiently.

Extensive use of Generative AI in the Automobiles

The automotive industry is experiencing a new era of possibilities with the introduction of generative AI. Thanks to AWS cloud services, LTTS can quickly innovate to help its customers improve mobility. Alind Saxena, President, Sales, and Whole Time Director at LTTS, stated that LTTS is not just innovating, but revolutionizing how the company is driving ahead by embracing the power of AI and cloud computing. To ensure the brightest minds and cutting-edge technology shape the future of mobility, 1,000 engineers will be trained on generative AI with AWS by March 2024.

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AWS is thrilled to work with LTTS

“Cloud technologies, including artificial intelligence, are driving India’s automotive sector towards modernization,” said Vaishali Kasture, Commercial Sales Director at Amazon Web Services India Pvt. Ltd. “At AWS India, we are excited to support innovative companies like LTTS to utilize the full potential of cloud and generative AI technologies to drive industry innovation, while building a digitally-skilled workforce. Our goal is to not just create cars, but to enhance user experiences, increase efficiency, and work towards a smarter future.”

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