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Hubballi will be connected to Mumbai via Indigo’s Airbus airplanes

IndiGo has upgraded Hubballi Mumbai service to Airbus

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News in detail

Airbus to start operating flights between Hubballi and Mumbai, which is a big development for the country’s domestic aviation industry. Earlier ATR planes were flying the Hubballi – Mumbai‌ route.  Based on passengers’ demand the Indigo management has arranged 186-seater Airbus plane service daily between the two cities.

This move will upgrade the flight experience for passengers traveling between these two cities, marking a pivotal moment in the history of Indian aviation.

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Growing Demand for Enhanced Regional Connectivity

Hubballi, an emerging commercial hub in Karnataka, has witnessed a steady growth in air passenger traffic in recent years. With its strategic position and increasing importance in the business and tourism sectors, there’s been a clear demand for improved connectivity between Hubballi and major cities like Mumbai.

Introducing the Airbus airplane on this route can cater to this rising demand, offering a larger seating capacity and a more comfortable journey compared to the previously operated ATR aircraft.

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Economic Impacts of Flying Bigger Aircraft to Hubballi

The introduction of Airbus services on the Hubballi-Mumbai route is expected to boost the economy in multiple ways:

  • Increased Tourism: Enhanced air connectivity leads to increased inbound tourism. Airbus services will bring more visitors from Mumbai, boosting local businesses and hospitality.
  • Business Opportunities: Improved flight services can incentivize businesses to develop Hubballi’s economy.
  • Employment: With larger aircraft, there is potential for job creation at Hubballi Airport through the employment of additional ground staff, crew members, and associated services.

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Airbus flight Timing

The timings of the new flight services are as follows

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  • Mumbai – Hubballi (6E 936):
    • Mumbai Departure: 12:00 PM
    • Hubballi Arrival: 1:15 PM
  • Hubballi – Mumbai (6E 937):
    • Hubballi Departure: 1:45 PM
    • Mumbai Arrival: 2:40 PM

Closing remarks

The economy of Hubballi is expected to receive a significant boost with the introduction of airbus services connecting the city to India’s commercial hubs such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and more. The launch of these services will commence with Mumbai, and additional routes can be added as needed.

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