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New Domestic Terminal Building for Hubballi Airport

AAI to Construct a New Domestic Terminal Building and to take up Miscellaneous Works at Hubballi Airport

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The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has issued a tender for the construction of a new domestic terminal at Hubli, Karnataka. The tender brief is as follows:

  • Estimated Cost: Rs. 260.23 Crores (excluding GST)  (Capital Construction cost Rs. 210.79 Crores + O&M and Repair/AICMC cost Rs. 49.44 Crores)
  • Time Period: 24 months, i.e., 730 days (Original Construction) [including 120 days considered for rain of 02 monsoon seasons] and 2555 days for operation & routine maintenance and 5 years AICMC post DLP of 2 years.

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Existing Facilities at Hubballi Domestic Airport:

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  • The current terminal building has an area of 3,600 sqm.
  • It can handle 300 passengers during peak hours.
  • The annual passenger capacity is 0.50 million passengers per annum (mppa).
  • The existing Runway 08-26 measures 2,600m x 45m and is suitable for A-320 type aircraft.
  • The existing Apron can accommodate 7 aircraft in total:
    • 3 A-320 aircraft
    • 3 ATR-72/Q-400 aircraft
    • 1 Super King Air aircraft.

Description of Proposed Facilities at Hubballi New Terminal Airport

New Domestic Terminal Building and Associated Facilities

To meet the increasing needs of air passengers, a new domestic terminal with 04 Aerobridges for 2400 peak hour passengers (1200 Arrival pax + 1200 Departure pax) is proposed to be constructed. New Terminal Building will be built adjacent to the Existing Terminal. Exisiting terminal building will be converted into Arrival terminal Building. Provision for Surface parking for 500 private cars (including 8 for PRM), 10 bus/coach spaces, 100 taxis, and 100 staff cars (including 2 for PRM), plus two-wheeler parking for AAI and airline staff.

Hubli New Domestic Terminal

This includes associated facilities on the landside such as parking areas, service roads, approach roads, landscaping, and utility blocks. The architectural design of the building will be influenced by the local geography, landmarks, culture, art, and architecture.

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Domestic Terminal Building Configuration at Hubballi Airport

Domestic Passenger Terminal Building

Hubli Airport New Domestic Terminal

Departure Terminal Features

  • The departure terminal is situated at Ground level +0.45 m from road level (±0.0) and is accessible via the road.
  • It includes the following facilities:
    • Security hold area.
    • Check-in area.
    • In-line baggage processing.
    • Counters for retail shops and Food & Beverages (F&B).
  • There is a landscaped area on both sides of the PTB (Passenger Terminal Building).
  • Two entry gates are proposed to serve departing domestic passengers.
  • The terminal features 14 check-in counters (Temporary).
  • Passengers pass through security checks to enter the Security Hold area, where departing gates are located.
  • Depending on passenger traffic, three swing gates have been provided in the Departure area to facilitate passenger flow.

First Floor (Level +7.075 m):

  • The first floor is located at +7.075 m level.
  • Facilities on this floor include:
    • Security hold area.
    • Air Side Corridor.
    • Retail shops.
    • Smoking Room.
    • Prayer Room.
    • Restaurant.
    • Green Court Yard.
    • Toilets, among others.

Escalators to Access the Mezzanine Retail floor

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Passengers can access this level through escalators or lifts from the Ground Level, providing them with a range of amenities and services for their comfort and convenience.

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Arrival Terminal Features

Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB):

  • Installation of 04 Fixed Finger structures for Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB) to facilitate passenger boarding and disembarkation from aircraft.

Baggage Claim Area:

  • Establishment of a baggage claim area with an adequate number of baggage carousels of suitable size to efficiently handle arriving passengers’ luggage.

Office and Amenities Space:

  • Allocation of sufficient space for offices, including those for airport authorities, airlines, and other relevant entities.
  • Provision for a Bank/Money Exchange Centre for passenger financial services.
  • Space designated for concessionaires (e.g., shops and kiosks).
  • Storage space for baggage trolleys.
  • Dedicated space for the storage of mishandled baggage for airlines.
  • Installation of segregation railing to facilitate passenger flow and organization.
  • Inclusion of various passenger amenities for comfort and convenience.

Infrastructure Modification:

  • Removal of existing Check-in counters, feeder conveyor belts, and other facilities to make way for the installation of additional arrival conveyor belts.
  • This modification aims to improve the efficiency of baggage handling and streamline passenger arrivals.

Additional Reserved Lounge and Facilities:

  • Provision of an additional reserved lounge area to cater to passengers’ comfort and relaxation needs.
  • Establishment of a dedicated mishandled baggage room for the proper handling and management of mishandled luggage.
  • Relocation of the loader’s room as per the ground floor plan to optimize airport operations and logistics.

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