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Tata Motors to develop Hydrogen Propulsion Technologies at its Pune R&D center

Tata Motors to indigenously develop Hydrogen-fuelled, zero-emission propulsion systems at its R&D center in Pune

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Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile company, unveiled two state-of-the-art & new-age R&D facilities to meet its mission of offering sustainable mobility solutions. The unveilings constitute an engine test cell for developing a Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine and the necessary infrastructure for storing and dispensing Hydrogen fuel for the Fuel Cell and H2ICE vehicles.

These facilities are a step towards carbon neutrality, tapping hydrogen’s potential as clean energy.

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Hydrogen propulsion development facility – a new era of R&D & innovation

Mr. Girish Wagh, Executive Director at Tata Motors, spoke about the company’s commitment to sustainable, connected, and safer mobility in India. He stated that Tata Motors is leading the global megatrend in this area. According to Mr. Wagh, hydrogen is the fuel of the future, particularly for commercial vehicles. He added that the opening of a dedicated R&D facility to develop and indigenize hydrogen propulsion technology marks a new era of innovation and advancement in green mobility. The resulting benefits from a new class of powertrains and engines will take Tata Motors’ customers and India towards a brighter future.

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Tata Motor’s commitment towards net zero emission tech

Mr. Rajendra Petkar, President & CTO, of Tata Motors, expressed, “This is a significant moment for us as we create a Hydrogen based internal combustion engine development facility and the associated infrastructure for fuel storage and dispensing at our Engineering Research Centre. This development is a testimony to Tata Motors’ continued commitment and leadership towards net zero and long-term vision for offering differentiated powertrain solutions across segments under one roof. We have been investing in Hydrogen technology for the last many years and continue to be committed to harnessing its maximum potential through research and product development.”

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Tata Motor’s new-generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell-powered buses

Tata Motors is making significant progress towards achieving net zero emissions. Earlier this year, at the Auto Expo 2023, the company showcased an impressive range of commercial vehicle concepts, including the flagship Prima tractor. This heavy commercial vehicle is available in two models: one with a Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine, and the other with Fuel Cell Technology. Tata Motors is a pioneer in the field of zero-emission technologies. On September 25th, 2023, the company delivered two cutting-edge, technologically advanced, and safer new-generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell-powered buses to Indian Oil Corporation. This delivery was part of a tender the company had won in 2021.

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About Tata Motors

Tata Motors is amongst the country’s most innovative vehicle manufacturers, and its research and development facilities have consistently developed and engineered innovative mobility solutions powered by alternate fuel technologies: battery-electric, hybrid, CNG, LNG, Hydrogen ICE, and Hydrogen Fuel Cell technologies. The company is poised to continue its leadership with green technologies and has been leading the electrification journey in India for cargo and passenger transportation. You may visit the Tata Motors site to learn more about the company.

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