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JK Tyre Mysuru R&D Center Develops Environmentally Friendly PCR Tyre

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JK Tyre Mysuru R&D Center develops Passenger Car Radial Tyre with 80% Sustainable, Recycled, and Renewable Materials

JK Tyre is the first company to achieve this level of sustainability in Passenger Car Radial Tyre

As part of their dedication to sustainable development, Indian tyre company JK Tyre & Industries has introduced an innovative sustainable tyre known as the “UX Green” tyre. This tyre is designed to deliver performance on par with standard radial tyres while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. To ensure its performance, the UX Green tyre underwent rigorous testing both indoors and outdoors, on various road surfaces and test tracks.

The development of this environmentally friendly tyre is the result of extensive research spanning a decade by JK Tyre’s skilled team at their Global Tech Centre located in Mysuru, Karnataka, India. The research team focused on finding alternative solutions that could replace traditional petroleum-based materials with sustainable ones.

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Dr. Raghupati Singhania, Chairman & Managing Director of JK Tyre, expressed pride in this significant achievement. He stated, “Providing a product that aligns so closely with our sustainability goals is a source of great pride for us at JK Tyre. We have designed and developed this tyre using 80% sustainable materials, demonstrating the commitment of our highly skilled R&D team. It underscores our dedication to promoting sustainable growth, contributing to societal well-being, and working towards carbon neutrality by 2050. We will soon offer a range of such tyres.”

The development of the UX Green tyre was a conscious effort to use recycled, renewable, and bio-based materials. This tyre incorporates highly sustainable materials such as natural rubber, bio-attributed SBR and BR, bio-based oil, recycled rubber powder, recovered carbon black, recycled polyester, and steel wire. Most of these materials are certified by ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), highlighting their commitment to sustainability.

JK Tyre UX Green Passenger Car Radial Tyre

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JK Tyre Mysuru R&D Center

Raghupati Singhania Centre of Excellence (RPSCOE) for Tyre and Vehicle Mechanics

The Global Tech Centre (RPSCOE) is a central hub of innovation and research located in Mysore, Karnataka. It is a powerhouse of technological advancement within the JK Tyre & Industries company. With over 200 dedicated R&D and Technology Scientists and Engineers, this facility is at the forefront of cutting-edge developments in the industry.

One of the notable components of this Tech Centre is HASETRI, which stands as Asia’s first and India’s foremost highly versatile and state-of-the-art Tyre / Elastomer Institute. This institute is dedicated to tyre and elastomer research, exploring new horizons in material science and technology.

The JK Tyre Tech Centre, another integral part of this innovation hub, channels extensive research and development efforts. It primarily focuses on advanced materials, alternate materials, nanotechnology, process and product simulations, predictive technology, advanced tire mechanics, and much more.

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Notably, the Global Tech Centre houses India’s biggest anechoic chamber, specifically designed for Noise and Vibration Analysis. This high-tech chamber has the capability to test all types of tyres, including heavy-duty truck tyres. The presence of such a facility underscores JK Tyre’s commitment to ensuring their tyres meet the highest standards of performance and comfort while keeping noise and vibrations to a minimum.

Furthermore, the centre dedicates itself to Green Technology initiatives, which lead to the development of an Eco-range of tyres suitable for cars, buses, and two-wheelers. These tyres are engineered with ultra-low rolling resistance, a feature that not only enhances fuel efficiency but also reduces carbon emissions, aligning with the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

RPSCOE represents a remarkable collaboration between industry and academia, in partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. They have established it at a cost of over Rs. 350 Crores.

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