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L&T Technology Services Mysuru CoE Innovates with AWS

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L&T Technology Services’ Cloud-Powered Centre of Excellence in Mysuru Drives Innovation with Amazon Web Services


This article reveals, in brief, the activities happening at the LTTS’ newly opened Center of Excellence (CoE) for the automotive domain in Mysuru city.


L&T Technology Services Limited, a prominent global engineering services firm, continues to lead in innovation with its established Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Mysuru, Karnataka, India.

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The CoE will facilitate a smooth transition of LTTS’ cutting-edge mobility suite of technologies to the cloud. This activity will help in reducing the time-to-market products for end customers. By leveraging AWS infrastructure, LTTS will provide an opportunity to use AWS to support the automotive domain.

Empowering the Future of Mobility

With its extensive domain expertise in Electric, Autonomous, and Connected Vehicles (EACV), LTTS has been instrumental in assisting Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in crafting tailor-made solutions that prioritize smooth mobility, safety, and security.

The CoE in Mysuru continues to leverage LTTS’s diverse skillsets, spanning embedded systems, mechanical engineering, and digital technology.

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A Collaborative Approach

LTTS has been proactively collaborating with renowned technology leaders like AWS to deliver cutting-edge digital engineering solutions via the cloud. Notable LTTS mobility solutions are as follows

  • AnnotAI, 
  • Connected Cars
  • SafeX, 

These solutions are available on the AWS Marketplace, offering clients access to innovative R&D tools in the cloud. Thereby facilitating the creation of industry-leading technology solutions.

Elevating Automotive Engineering

OEMs work with the LTTS mobility solutions team at Mysuru CoE in developing ground-breaking vehicles that not only meet but exceed the stringent standards of transportation safety, security, and emissions regulations.

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LTTS’s industry-leading mobility solutions play a pivotal role in enabling OEMs to design their vehicles.

L&T Technology Services Mysuru

How beneficial are Mobility solutions?

The LTTS’ mobility solutions – AnnotAI, Connected Cars, and SafeX are used by leading global automotive OEMs, and Tier-1 customers to quickly design and develop their vehicles. The mobility solution has drastically reduced their (OEMs) time to market their products. 

As a part of the Mysuru CoE initiative,  the LTTS’ digital offerings are tweaked to collaborate seamlessly with AWS’s software-defined vehicle and AWS IoT FleetWise to collect, transmit, and process real-time vehicle data and store it on the cloud.

  • AnnotAI: This intelligent data annotation platform is essential for the development and testing of self-driving artificial intelligence (AI). AnnotAI provides advanced data labeling services for various media assets, including text, images, video, and LiDAR. It empowers global vehicle manufacturers in their pursuit of Level 5 autonomy, where full driving automation is achieved.
  • Connected Car: LTTS’s Connected Car technologies offer automotive clients state-of-the-art driver assistance systems, cloud services, and connectivity modules. These technologies support the development of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) platforms, implement secure gateways, and safeguard against malicious attacks.
  • SafeX: Addressing the unique challenges faced by the automotive industry in software development, SafeX DevOps and CI/CD automation enable automotive manufacturers to expedite software releases while ensuring security and minimizing the risk of failed or recalled software releases.

LTTS’s suite of pioneering technologies has already demonstrated significant benefits for its global clientele.

Customer testimonial

A spokesperson from BMW Group lauded LTTS’s AnnotAI platform, stating, “The AnnotAI platform from LTTS, by enabling state-of-the-art image, video, and LiDAR data annotation capabilities on AWS, is driving a robust and integrated validation framework for BMW Group. It is helping the global leader in luxury vehicles engineer innovative and sustainable vehicles for the future.”

A Glimpse into LTTS Mysuru Campus

The Mysuru campus caters to LTTS’ Global Clientele in a plethora of engineering domains spanning Embedded, Digital Products and Solutions, Automotive, Telecom and Hi-Tech, VLSI, Medical, Quality, Validation & Verification, Design Automation, and Plant Engineering.

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In conclusion, LTTS’s established Centre of Excellence in Mysore, powered by AWS, continues to be a driving force in the fusion of engineering excellence and cloud technology, propelling the automotive industry into a new era of innovation and efficiency.

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