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Aland Water Supply to be Augmented under Amrut 2.0

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About Aland Town

Aland Town serves as a significant Taluk headquarters in the Kalaburagi District. The town is situated approximately 40 kilometers away from the district headquarters. According to the 2011 census, the town’s population is 42,371. The town covers an area of 14.73 square kilometers and is located at a latitude of 17° 03′ 4″ N and a longitude of 76° 03′ 4″ E. The average altitude is 428 meters above mean sea level (MSL).

The climate of the region is hot, with temperatures soaring up to 45 degrees Celsius during the summer season. The water table experiences significant depletion in summer, leading to a scarcity of drinking water.

Existing Aland Water Supply System – Source of Water Supply

The current water supply system of the town draws water from the Amarja River, which flows near the town. This water supply system was established in 1995. The system was designed to cater to an ultimate projected population of 50,000 by 2026, with a supply rate of 110 liters per capita. The existing Water Treatment Plant (WTP) has a capacity of 4.54 million liters per day (MLD). The existing scheme consists of the following components:

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  • Headworks: 3m diameter intake well, 450mm diameter connecting main, and 6m diameter jack-well.
  • Raw Water Pumpsets: 125 HP deep well vertical turbine pump.
  • Raw Water Rising Main: 400mm diameter prestressed concrete pipe, with a length of 10,300 meters.
  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP): Capacity of 4.54 MLD.
  • Storage Reservoir: 9.08 lakh liters ground-level storage reservoir.

As part of Nagarothona (Municipality) Phase-3, the following works have been undertaken:

  • Headworks: Floating barge pontoon for pump set erection and 135 HP submersible pump installation. The works are completed and handed over to the local body already.
  • Raw Water Rising Main to the proposed new WTP at Hebli Road: 300mm diameter ductile iron pipe, with a length of 10,500 meters. This work is in progress.
Aland water supply

Source of water for Aland

The current water source for Aland Town is the Amarja Reservoir near Sangolgi Village, Aland Taluk. Amarja Reservoir, is being considered for the proposed water supply project. The key features of the Amarja Reservoir are as follows:

  • Top of the bund level (TBL): 466.00 meters
  • Full reservoir level (F.R.L) & maximum water level (M.W.L): 461.50 meters
  • Sill level: 449.00 meters
  • Gross storage capacity: 44.01 million cubic meters (M-Cum)
  • Live storage capacity: 40.07 million cubic meters (M-Cum)
  • Dead storage capacity: 3.94 million cubic meters (M-Cum)

Need for Upgrading Aland Water Supply System  

In a letter dated August 18, 2022, the Hon’ble MLA of Aland requested the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka for funds to improve the town’s present water supply system. Currently, the town receives 4.54 MLD of water, which was established in 1995. Due to population growth, water supply occurs every 5-6 days due to bulk water shortage. The existing pumping machinery has completed its design period and efficiency. The old jack-well is inadequate, necessitating augmentation of bulk water supply.

Aland water supply

Project Specifications

Approximate Work Value: Rs. 66.3 Crores (Excluding GST)

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The Amarja Reservoir, situated in the Kalaburagi District, will serve as the water source for the Water Supply Scheme planned for Aland Town. This initiative is a key component of AMRUT 2.0. Under this project, Operations & Maintenance will span over five years, which includes a one-year Defects Liability Period. It operates under the Design, Build, Operate, and Transfer (DBOT) Mode. Notably, this project is executed as a Lumpsum contract, without any variations.

Period of completion: 24 months 

Water Supply Components

  • The jackwell and intake well, along with the connecting main, are designed for an ultimate year 2055 water demand of 11.5 MLD.
  • The proposed raw water rising main is designed to cater to the remaining water demand of 7.5 MLD in the ultimate year 2055. This is achieved by deducting the already laid 300mm diameter ductile iron raw water rising main, designed to carry 4 MLD, under Nagarothana (Municipality) Phase-3.
  • The proposed raw water pumping machinery is designed to transfer water from the proposed jackwell to the 7.5 MLD capacity WTP via a 406mm diameter mild steel raw water transmission main.
  • This scheme also includes feeder mains, a service reservoir, distribution network, including hydrant service connections, electrical components, and other infrastructure.

Scope of Work

Construction of Temporary Cofferdam for Intake Well, Connecting Main, and Jack Well

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  • Constructing a 4-meter diameter RCC intake well.
  • Supplying and laying a 600mm diameter RCC NP-3 class pipeline in a 2-row configuration to connect the intake well to the jackwell.
  • Constructing a circular jackwell with a diameter of 10.00 meters and a pump house with a diameter of 12.00 meters situated over the jackwell.
  • Building an approach bridge extending 65 meters from the existing road to the jackwell.
  • Providing and laying a raw water rising main consisting of 406mm OD x 5.6mm thick MS pipes.
  • Constructing a 7.5 MLD Water Treatment Plant in Aland Town, which includes an aerator, flash mixer, clariflocculator for rapid sand gravity filter unit, a chemical house, and all required electromechanical equipment.
  • Installing ductile iron pipes with various diameters: 350mm diameter DI K9 (pressure rating – 900 kPa) pipes with a length of 25 meters, 300mm diameter DI K9 class pipes with a total length of 653 meters, 250mm diameter DI K9 class pipes spanning 865 meters, and 200mm diameter DI K9 class pipes covering a distance of 3131 meters. These pipes will serve as the pure water feeder main for both newly constructed and existing Overhead Tanks (OHTs), with road restoration included.
  • Constructing an RCC OHT with a capacity of 5 Lakh Liters on a 15-meter staging located at Medki Road in Aland Town.
  • Building an RCC OHT with a capacity of 10 Lakh Liters on a 15-meter staging in close proximity to the Veterinary Hospital in Aland Town.
  • Constructing an RCC OHT with a capacity of 15 Lakh Liters on a 15-meter staging near the Bus Stand in Aland Town.
  • Providing approximately 11,000 metered water supply house service connections in Aland Town, along with necessary road restoration.

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