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CONCOR’s Mysuru MultiModal Logistics Park nearing Completion

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CONCOR (Container Corporation of India) is in the process of building a Multimodal Logistics Park (MMLP) within the Kadakola Industrial area of Mysuru. The primary objective of this project is to cater to the needs of different goods manufacturing units situated in the vicinity. Additionally, it aims to stimulate industrial development by drawing in fresh investments.

The MMLP facility at Kadakola is equipped with an independent goods train terminal and a dedicated rail line designed to facilitate the efficient movement of goods into and out of the logistics park. This strategic feature is intended to enhance the project’s appeal to exporters, making it an attractive choice for them

CONCOR Mysuru MMLP Project Snapshot 

  • Total investment: Rs. 100 Crores
  • Total area: 2,24,803 sqm
  • Total Number of Warehouses: 2 Nos. Each measuring 1000 sqm (10763.9 sq feet)
  • Railway sidings: 2 Nos. (Proposed- CSR- 750 RM each)
  • Admin building: 500 sqm (G+1)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kadakola
  • Local customs clearance 

Current Status as on August 2023:

The civil construction activities for the PEB (Pre-Engineered Building) structures on-site  are approaching completion, with the building finishing works & signaling works currently in progress. 

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However, the construction of a single Pitless Electronic in-motion Weighbridge, having a capacity of 140 metric tons, along with the construction of the weighbridge house and console room on the common entry line, has yet to commence. 

The Mysuru Multi modal logistics park is expected to go operational in December 2023.

Mysuru Awaits Significant Benefits from Multimodal Logistics Park

As the completion of the project nears, the Mysuru region anticipates a breath of fresh air in its saturated industrial landscape. Lacking a nearby sea port or airport, the process of exporting goods from the area has proven to be quite burdensome, relying on congested roads and truck transport. This situation has driven up export costs and acts as a significant obstacle to new investments.

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The establishment of an ICD/MMLP at Kadakola will eliminate these export challenges. The complex will include a comprehensive customs office, streamlining the customs clearance process. Exporters only need to containerize their goods, obtain customs clearance, affix a QR code to the container. The MMLP operator will handle the storage, and forwarding, effectively outsourcing these tasks.

This shift saves manufacturers a substantial amount of time and effort. Instead of investing resources in non-value-adding tasks, they can focus on their core businesses, boosting overall efficiency.

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