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Triveni Engineering to set up a Multimodal Defence facility in Mysuru 

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Triveni Engineering is investing Rs. 100 crore in setting up a new multi-modal Defence facility in Mysuru (Immavu).

The company already possesses the land from KIADB. The works are expected to commence shortly. The facility will create 175 direct jobs.

Triveni Engineering in Mysuru is focused on power transmission. This business segment emphasizes high-speed and niche low-speed gears & gearboxes, covering supply to OEMs, aftermarket services, and retro fitment of gearboxes, catering to the requirements of the power sector, other industrial segments, and defense. Their manufacturing facility is located in Belagola Industrial area in Mysuru. 

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New Multi-Modal Defence Facility in Mysuru

Scheduled for commissioning in early 2024 in Mysuru, the upcoming multi-modal Defence facility will serve assembly and testing needs for diverse defense equipment. This facility boasts an 80-100 ton handling capacity alongside a large-scale machining center.

Initially, it will focus on Naval marine applications, later expanding to cover all current and future company development programs. Future expansions will include projects for the Army and Air Force.

Expanding the Existing Plant

Additionally, to augment the overall capacity, the existing facility in Mysuru will witness the establishment of a new bay dedicated to a fresh gear shaft.

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Triveni Power Transmission Business in Mysuru boasts a top-notch, fully integrated manufacturing facility with well-optimized process flows and plant layouts to achieve the best cycle times. The facility utilizes high-precision multi-axis CNC machines from reputable European and international manufacturers for tasks like hobbing, surface and teeth profile grinding, as well as horizontal and vertical turning and housing machining. Triveni Engineering’s highly skilled workforce guarantees the production of superior and dependable products.

Triveni Defence Business at a glance 

Triveni’s Defence business has become a trusted and reliable supplier for the Indian Navy within a short span of entering this niche segment.

Triveni Engineering‘s Defence Unit is also an approved supplier for the Indian Coast Guard, highlighting the technological and innovative edge of their products. The Indian Navy has selected Triveni as its reliable supplier for propulsion shafting and turbo-pumps for its indigenous sub-surface project. As part of the trusted relationship, it provides reverse engineering and fully indigenous solutions for the motor & turbo-driven auxiliaries for various projects.

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Triveni Defense business solutions include:

• Above and below the deck mechanical equipment 

• Platform-level support, propulsion systems equipment, gas turbine generators for auxiliary power generation, and individual equipment such as pumps, etc.

Products under Triveni’s Defence Portfolio

Triveni’s Defence Portfolio includes a range of essential products:

  • Propulsion Gearboxes: These are pivotal components in various defense systems, ensuring efficient power transfer and control.
  • Gas Turbine Generators: These generators are designed to provide auxiliary power, enhancing the operational capabilities of defense equipment.
  • Critical Turbo and Motor-Driven Pumps: These pumps play a crucial role in fluid management, offering reliable performance in demanding defense applications.
  • Propulsion Shafting: Propulsion shafts are integral for the movement of naval vessels and submarines, contributing to their mobility and maneuverability.
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About Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited 

Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited (TEIL), a diverse industrial conglomerate, excels in sugar, alcohol, power transmission, and water-related sectors.

TEIL holds a prominent position in India’s integrated sugar and ethanol production landscape and wields substantial influence in Power Transmission and Water & Wastewater treatment solutions.TEIL operates seven strategically located sugar mills across Uttar Pradesh: Khatauli, Deoband, and Sabitgarh in western Uttar Pradesh; Chandanpur, Rani Nangal, and Milak Narayanpur in central Uttar Pradesh; and Ramkola in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The Power Transmission (Gears) facility is in Mysuru, while the Water & Wastewater treatment division is in Noida. Notably, TEIL actively runs six co-generation power plants across five sugar units, collectively generating a substantial 104.5 MW of grid-connected co-generation power.

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