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Koppal City Water Supply to be Upgraded Under Amrut 2.0

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About the Project

Koppal City and Bhagyanagar Town, both situated in the Koppal district of Karnataka, share a common concern regarding their water supply. As of the 2011 census, Koppal City boasted a population of 70,698, but currently, it stands at approximately 84,838 residents.

Koppal City holds the status of a City Municipal Council, while Bhagyanagar Town is categorized as a Town Panchayat within the Koppal district. Despite established guidelines set forth by the CPHEEO manual for urban areas, which prescribe a water supply rate of 135 LPCD (liters per capita per day) at the consumer’s end, both locales grapple with the pressing issue of inadequate water supply. Regrettably, the existing Water Supply System (WSS) proves neither sufficient nor reliable.

Consequently, the urgent need arises for an upgraded water supply scheme. Such an initiative is imperative to secure a dependable water source capable of meeting the needs of the current population and accounting for projected growth over the next 30 years.

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Existing Water Supply Scheme of Koppal City

The improvements to the Koppal water supply scheme with TB Dam as the water source were completed in the year 2018. The headworks are located at the Tungabhadra Dam in Munirabad, situated 22.57 kilometers away from the city.

A water treatment plant with a capacity of 10.00 million liters per day (MLD) has been constructed near the existing 9.08 MLD capacity water treatment plant on Hiresindhogi Road in Koppal. This new plant serves purified water to the city and the town.

Need for the Scheme

As per the CPHEEO manual’s water supply norms for urban areas, the water supply rate should be 135 LPCD at the consumer’s end.

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Problems in the Existing System

The current water supply system faces several limitations concerning infrastructure capacity, condition, and operational convenience. Ensuring a continuous, pressurized water supply to the residents of both towns presents significant challenges. The primary issues are outlined below:

  • The existing distribution system is outdated and insufficient.
  • Transmission system leakages result in frequent supply interruptions.
  • A highly leaking distribution system necessitates customers to install boosters, leading to negative pressure in the network.
  • Inadequate maintenance budgets contribute to poor upkeep.
  • Both towns lack full coverage of individually metered Household Service Connections (HSC).

Due to these problems, meeting the current town requirements is not feasible. To address this issue and provide improved access to high-quality water and enhanced service delivery, the Karnataka Urban Water Supply & Drainage Board (KUWSDB), Division, Koppal, has proposed a combined water supply scheme for both Koppal City and Bhagyanagar Town.

Salient Features of the Scheme

Approximate Work Value: Rs. 108.67 Crores (Excluding GST)

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Implementing Combined Water Supply Scheme for Koppal City and Bhagyanagar Town under AMRUT 2.0, with 5-Year Operation and Maintenance (including 1-Year Defects Liability Period) through Design, Build, Operate, and Transfer (DBOT) Approach (Fixed Price)

Period of completion: 24 months 

For Koppal City

  • Installation, connection, testing, and commissioning of HDPE (high density polyethylene) PE-100 (material grade) PN-8 (pressure rating- 800 kPa) Distribution System ranging from 75 mm to 200 mm diameter and 250 mm to 350 mm diameter Ductile Iron K-7 pipes. This includes 105.652 km of HDPE distribution (122.307 KM including road restoration) and various other components.
  • Provision of 7590 House Service Connections in Koppal City.
  • Construction of three 10 LL and one 5 LL RCC Shaft-type Overhead Tanks (OHTs) at specific locations in Koppal City.
  • Laying, jointing, testing, and commissioning of various pipe diameters for improved water supply.
  • Rejuvenation of the existing 9.08 MLD (Million Liters per Day) Water Treatment Plant (WTP) at Hiresindhogi Road, Koppal.
  • Introduction of an online monitoring system for the existing Water Treatment Plants in Koppal City under AMRUT 2.0.

For Bhagyanagar Town

  • Installation, connection, testing, and commissioning of a 406 mm Dia x 5.6 mm thick MS Raw Water Rising Main (RWRM) from an existing point to a proposed 6.70 MLD WTP.
  • Construction of a 3 LL capacity RCC Raw Water Sump and Intermediate Pump House.
  • Supply, erection, electrification, and commissioning of appropriate pump sets.
  • Laying, jointing, testing, and commissioning of water feeder mains, including various pipe diameters.
  • Construction of a 6.67 MLD Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Bhagyanagar Town.
  • Supply, erection, electrification, and commissioning of pump sets for the WTP.
  • A total of 6,850 household service connections are proposed for implementation.
  • Various other components to ensure improved water supply in Bhagyanagar Town.

The proposed infrastructure, including headworks, transmission lines, treatment plants, and storage reservoirs, is designed to meet the demand until 2055, while pumping machinery aims to meet the demand until 2040.

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