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Laurus Bio to invest Rs. 304 Crores on a protein plant in Mysuru

The products manufactured at this facility will find applications in global food, water, energy, and biopharma industries across the globe.

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M/s. Laurus Bio Pvt. Ltd., a leading biotechnology company specializing in recombinant proteins, is setting up a greenfield project in Mysore. Laurus Bio Protein plant will come up in Immavu.

The company has acquired 27.00 acres land from the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) to establish a cutting-edge facility dedicated to the production of fermentation-based proteins for food and pharmaceutical applications. 

The proposed unit will come up at Plot No. 152/2, Immavu Industrial area, Immavu Village, Chikkayanachathra Hobli, Nanjanagudu Taluk, Mysuru District, Karnataka.

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About the Laurus Bio Private Limited Mysuru Nutraceutical Unit

Laurus Bio Pvt. Ltd. will utilize this state-of-the-art facility to develop and supply “Non-Animal Origin” (NAO) recombinant proteins, including media components, reagents, excipients, and drug products. Additionally, Laurus Bio Pvt. Ltd. will provide proteins for food and dietary applications to the nutraceutical industry and offer Bio catalysis services to API and fine chemical manufacturers.

The products manufactured at this facility will find applications in global food, water, energy, and biopharma industries across the globe.

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Project Investment and Employment

The proposed project comes with a significant investment of 304 Crores. Moreover, it will bring substantial employment opportunities to the region, with a total workforce of 300 individuals contributing to the project’s success.

A Comprehensive Product Line at the Laurus Bio protein plant

The proposed project encompasses the manufacturing of 11 products, each with an annual production capacity of 120 tons, resulting in a total annual production capacity of 1,320 tons. The list of proposed products includes:

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Sl NoProductCapacity (TPA)
1Sweet protein120
2Egg protein120
3Collagen protein120
5Food color (fermentation based)120
6Carotenoid (fermentation based)120
7Fermentation-based natural indigo120
8Lactoferrin (Protein)120
9Casein (Milk protein)120
10Beta lactoglobulin (Milk protein)120
11Cell Cultured Protein120

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Environmental Commitment

The proposed project is not only focused on production but also includes a commitment to environmental sustainability. Laurus Bio Pvt. Ltd. plans to develop a greenbelt covering an area of 36,062.90 square meters, which constitutes 33.00% of the total project area. This green initiative aligns with the company’s dedication to ecological responsibility.

Project Timeline

The project is expected to unfold within a specific timeframe:

  • Obtaining clearances: November 2023 – December 2023 (2 months)
  • Building and construction work: January 2024 – August 2024 (8 months)
  • Erection of fermenters and service facilities: September 2024 – December 2024 (4 months)

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About Laurus Bio Private Limited

M/s. Laurus Bio Pvt. Ltd. is a research-driven biotechnology company with a core focus on the development and manufacturing of recombinant proteins. Their expertise lies in Molecular Biology, Bioprocess, and Bioanalytical Technologies.

With a rich history of innovation and problem-solving, the company works collaboratively with various industries to provide customized solutions. Their technologies stem from cutting-edge research and draw upon the expertise of their research team, which boasts over 100 years of combined academic and industrial experience.

Registered Office: Plot Nos. 204 & 237, Bommasandra Jigani Link Road, KIADB Industrial Area, Jigani Hobli, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore – 560105

Laurus Bio Pvt. Ltd. is poised to make significant contributions to the biotechnology landscape with this ambitious project. Stay tuned for further developments as the project progresses.

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