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A Tribute to Train 12785/86’s ALCO Diesel Locomotive WDM 3D

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Mysuru: Train number 12785/86 Mysuru Kacheguda express, a popular route connecting cities in Karnataka and Telangana, has long relied on the power of old-generation ALCO diesel locomotives like WDMs. 

The South Western Railways requested the South Central Railway to replace these diesel locomotives with electric ones. Their request aimed to streamline operations at the KSR Bengaluru Railway Station during the bustling morning hours.

Rail fans express deep affection for ALCO diesel locomotives

Railfans across the country cherish the trains hauled by ALCO locomotives for the distinctive sound they create while in motion, affectionately nicknamed “Chugging”.

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According to Nischay Shetty, a railfan from Mysuru, the train number 12785/86 Mysuru Kacheguda express had a special bond with the old-generation ALCO diesel locomotives. It was one of the few trains that consistently featured these locomotives, owing to their exceptional performance. In contemporary times, it remains the only train in the entire Indian Railways network to regularly utilise ALCO twins end to end.

Another Railfan Jayanth V Shetty stated that Mysuru Kacheguda Express is a great express service, which connects Telangana and Karnataka. And It has been every railfan’s pleasure to travel in this train hauled by the ALCO twins diesel locomotives. 

Railfans have always enjoyed this train chug along, and now it will truly be missed by all rail lovers out there as its traction will be changed forever to end-to-end electric traction. It had always been a great sight, and enjoyable to have spotted and travelled in this train with diesel powers. 

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Kacheguda express

Meanwhile, they said, It’s been a pleasure for all railfans to spot these locomotives chug along the tracks, hum idle in the stations . And they feel delighted to decorate it on the occasion of its day before last run with the ALCO diesel loco. 

An Event Honoring the Loyal Workhorse 

A significant number of rail fans have an emotional connection with the ALCO twins on this train. Learning that the days of these locomotives are numbered due to the impending switch to 3-phase electric locomotives has left them disheartened.

As a tribute to the ALCO diesel twins, an event was organized to honor these venerable locomotives on their day before last service.

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In this context, today, Shri D Soundararajan, Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer, Mysuru Division, participated in the tribute event dedicated to the reliable ALCO locomotives. Rail enthusiasts Jayanth, Nischay, Yashas, Deepak, and others actively joined in the event. They decorated the locomotives as a demonstration of their respect and admiration on the occasion of the train’s last but one arrival and departure with ALCO twins.

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  1. I don’t understand what is the speciality of these Alco DE power
    There was no necessity to have a huexabd cry specially since passangers are inside the coach
    Also this train travels just 4 hours of day time rest in the Night
    More Importantly whether it is Alco or ICF or KDLF, the Power unit should Run in a trouble free mode
    For this train Two engines are used and Polluting the Nature heavily with d
    Diesel Fumes
    Atleast Now it is good that scr or swr has replaced this train to Electric Locomotive

  2. Mere emotions playing. If u go by logic, despite being an in demand route this is an ICF rattling bodies being pulled by Old diesel engines. It’s overdue to pave way for electric engines and LHB coaches and cut travel time by atleast a couple of hours. Hopefully the railways is moving in that direction at last with replacement of engine type.

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