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BASF Mangalore Coatings hub: Pioneering Automotive Finishes

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The BASF site in Mangalore has been in operation since 1996. Spanning over 200 hectares, it is BASF’s largest production facility in South Asia. The site produces polymer dispersions, fine chemical catalysts, and coatings for the paper, agriculture, and automotive industries.

BASF’s Coatings Technology Center is located at the Mangalore manufacturing site. Established in 2011, this facility specializes in automotive coatings research and development.

The automotive coatings application center covers over 400 square meters of floor area equipped with high precision climate-controlled spray booth and electrostatic rotary bell applicators, and advanced quick connection system for electrostatic applications.

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Its primary goal is to create new coating technologies with a global scope for implementation. These technologies encompass various automotive coating layers, including:

  • Electrocoat
  • Primer
  • Basecoat
  • Clearcoat

The R&D efforts primarily concentrate on enhancing coating durability, which encompasses surface hardness, appearance, intercoat adhesion, applicability, sustainability, rheology profile, and unique coloristic properties.

A significant emphasis is on the development of low-bake technology and high-solids 3-wet technology to improve appearance. Additionally, the lab engages in R&D related to essential raw materials for coatings, such as:

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  • Resins (complex and reactive polymeric architectures)
  • Pigments qualification for new color trends
  • Nano materials for scratch resistance
  • Additives
  • Crater Detection test methods

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In 2022, BASF made a significant investment by establishing a state-of-the-art Application Center at the Mangalore site. This center facilitates customer-oriented R&D activities and accurate simulation of OEM paint shops.

With major OEMs preparing to launch SUVs and EVs, BASF anticipates a trend toward premiumization in the automotive market in India. India is emerging as a key export hub for top automotive players.

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BASF has initiated the production of Sovermol® at its Mangalore site to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly products. Sovermol® is used in applications for New Energy Vehicles (NEV), windmills, flooring, and protective industrial coatings. Sourced from renewable materials, Sovermol® products contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOC).

This environmentally-friendly product line allows customers to create sustainable coatings and adhesives while reducing their carbon footprint and conserving resources.

Innovations continue at the Mangalore site, with the introduction of the new product AqaCell Hyde 6299 for decorative paints in the Dispersions plant. The Multi-purpose Plant at the Mangalore site has also commenced production of new auxiliary products for paint and coating applications.

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