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Oval Grounds Mysuru

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Oval grounds in Mysuru sits opposite to the Crawford Hall. It has transformed into “the go-to place” for all the sports & fitness buffs. This article tries to briefly introduce Mysuru’s oval ground to the readers.

Situated opposite Crawford Hall (University of Mysore), Oval Grounds is really a haven for fitness enthusiasts. Established in 1982 during the University of Mysore’s golden jubilee celebrations, this iconic venue stands proudly in front of the Crawford Hall (University Admin), adjacent to the former DC Office (Gordon House) and Yuvaraja College.

As you step onto this revered ground, you’ll encounter a meticulously crafted 400-meter running track, a paradise for runners. Yet, Oval Grounds offers more than just a track; it’s a versatile space for a range of physical activities, from strenuous workouts to challenging long jumps and revitalizing stretches. Here, sports enthusiasts frequently practice javelin throwing, shot put, and various fitness exercises.

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Oval grounds Mysuru

This place is really special and is often chosen by schools and colleges for their annual sports events. You can hear the excited cheers of young athletes which makes it a lively spot.

In the early morning & evening hours, a different crowd gathers – fitness enthusiasts seeking a healthier lifestyle. The perimeter of the grounds features interlocking tiles, ensuring safety for walkers as they set their pace.

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Oval Grounds Mysuru is not just a place; it’s a vibrant start to your day, a place where you can rejuvenate your body and embrace the serenity of early mornings or the evenings.

Tabebuia rosea trees grace the periphery of the Oval Grounds during the spring, typically from February to April. Walking on the track becomes delightful during this time, and the public often captures the beauty of the blooming flowers in photographs.

Tabebuia rosea is a type of flowering tree known for its vibrant pink or rosy-colored blossoms.

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More and more people are becoming fitness conscious nowadays.  The government should provide the right kind of infrastructure like the Oval ground in Mysuru for public to take up sports activities & work on their fitness. Every city, big or small should have government-owned gyms, playgrounds, sports arena, and government-appointed exercise/ yoga/ meditation instructors offering high-class services at reduced prices OR free of cost to aspiring individuals.

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