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Second Rail line between Kudachi-Ugarkhurd gets CRS clearance

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The Commissioner of Railway Safety has authorized the Kudachi-Ugarkhurd section at a speed of 90 km/h.

Commissioner of Railway Safety inspected Kudachi-Ugarkhurd Double line

On 26th September 2023, Commissioner of Railway Safety, Shri Anant Madhukar Chowdhary, conducted a statutory inspection of the doubling of the railway track between Kudachi and Ugarkhurd (6.695 km) section.

The Ministry of Railways fully funded the doubling of the Kudachi-Ugarkhurd section, which is a part of the Londa-Miraj doubling project sanctioned in 2015-2016. The Honorable Prime Minister inaugurated the stretch from Londa to Ghataprabha in March 2023.

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Features of Kudachi -Ugarkhurd Doubling Project 

The newly doubled section between Kudachi and Ugarkhurd includes 01 major bridge over the Krishna River with 14 spans of 45.7 meters open-web through girders, one yard remodelling at Kudachi, featuring a new loop line and a passenger platform of 570 meters in length, as well as one Road Over Bridge measuring 60 meters with a Bow String Girder.

Doubling the railway track enhances both capacity and safety. It allows for the operation of a greater number of trains and eliminates the need for express and passenger trains to wait for the crossing of other trains, whether passenger or freight.

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Commission of Railway Safety Clearance

A speed trial on the down line reached a peak speed of 119 km/h, while the up line reached 89 km/h between Kudachi and Ugarkhurd section.

The Commissioner of Railway Safety has authorised the section to be opened at a speed of 90 km/h. With the doubling of the Kudachi-Ugarkhurd Section, South Western Railway has commissioned a total of 25.1 km of track doubling in the fiscal year 2023-24.

About Commission of Railway Safety

The Commission of Railway Safety (CRS), operating under the administrative jurisdiction of the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Government of India, holds the responsibility for matters concerning the safety of rail travel and train operations. It carries out specific statutory functions as outlined in the Railways Act (1989), encompassing inspectorial, investigatory, and advisory roles.

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The Commission adheres to established rules, including the Statutory Investigation into Accidents Rules framed under the Railways Act, and complies with periodic executive instructions.

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Roles of CRS

One of the Commission’s most significant roles is to ensure that any new railway line intended for passenger traffic complies with the standards and specifications prescribed by the Ministry of Railways. It also ensures that these new lines meet all safety requirements for carrying passenger traffic.

This obligation extends to other projects such as gauge conversion, line doubling, and electrification of existing lines. Additionally, the Commission conducts statutory inquiries into serious train accidents occurring on the Indian Railways and formulates recommendations aimed at enhancing railway safety in India.

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