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TCS Unveils AI-Powered Cyber Insights Platform for Enhanced Cybersecurity

Tata Consultancy Services Helps Clients Seamlessly Fuse Security Data Residing in Diverse Cyber-Security Systems and Cloud Environments to Proactively Detect and Address Potential Threats

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MUMBAI, November 02, 2023: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS) unveiled its latest innovation – the Cyber Insights Platform, harnessing the power of AI and Amazon Security Lake. This cutting-edge platform is designed to empower customers in fortifying their cybersecurity and compliance measures.

Unified Security Data Repository

The Cyber Insights Platform capitalizes on TCS’ extensive expertise in managed detection and response. It brings together diverse security datasets scattered across public and private clouds, on-premise setups, and third-party security providers into a centralized repository, fueled by Amazon Security Lake. This consolidation of data resources streamlines security operations for enhanced efficiency.

Proactive Threat Monitoring

With the integration of machine learning models, the platform enables continuous monitoring of anomalies, anticipating potential threats well in advance. By doing so, it equips clients with the tools to proactively address these evolving cybersecurity challenges. The learning models are engineered for proactive anomaly detection, detailed user-entity behavior analytics, dynamic risk assessment, and automated responses. This ensures a resilient cybersecurity ecosystem, capable of combating the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

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Tailored Solutions for Industry-Specific Security Needs

Leveraging its deep domain knowledge across various industry verticals, TCS customizes the Cyber Insights Platform to cater to industry-specific security requirements. One notable offering is the Financial Crime Fusion Center, which deploys generative AI to furnish financial services clients with insights into incidents like account takeovers, unauthorized fund transfers, and identity theft. This is achieved by amalgamating data from their fraud detection and cybersecurity systems.

Comprehensive Portfolio of Cybersecurity Solutions

The introduction of the Cyber Insights Platform complements TCS’ extensive array of cybersecurity solutions and services. This portfolio encompasses consulting and advisory services, security-as-a-service, industry-specific solutions, and managed security services across critical domains such as detection and response, identity and access management, vulnerability management, governance, risk and compliance, data privacy and protection, digital forensics and incident response, cloud security, data security, and IT/OT security services.

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