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MTR – Mavalli Tiffin Room Mysuru

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The Mavalli Tiffin room’s (MTR) is famous for – the food which melts in your mouth and take you down the memory lane.  MTR is in the business of making people happy through their mouth-watering dishes. They say the best way to reach one’s heart is through one’s stomach, and that is exactly what MTR has been doing. 

Following signature dishes are served in their Mysuru outlet

Masala Dosa | MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic - MTR
Masala Dosa | MTR – Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic – MTR

Masala Dosa –  scorching hot, golden brown colored, ghee roasted, potato subzee filled and made to perfection. When served with a small cup of ghee and hot spicy chutney can melt hearts, salivate tongues and bring loads of joy. 

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Idli | MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic - MTR
Rava Idli | MTR – Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic – MTR

Rava Idlis – Hot steamed rava cakes made with the perfect mixture of curd,  coriander & curry leaves, cashew nuts and mustard seeds, when served with a dash of ghee and spicy chutney can bring good satisfaction to the heart.

Besibele Bhath | MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic - MTR
Besibele Bhath | MTR – Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic – MTR

Bisi Bele bath – A popular rice dish from Karnataka cooked with assorted vegetables and MTR special masala powder. When served HOT with a dollop of ghee and curd raita that is made out of cut onions, green chillies and nutmeg powder. It tastes heavenly, and can bring the contentment.

Khara Bhath | MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic - MTR
Khara Bath | MTR – Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic – MTR

Kharabath (KB) – Hot/ spicy/ tangy rava khara bath which is well cooked with MTR special KB masala and topped with a slice of tomato is really tempting and when eaten, the heart craves for more and the aroma can stay in our mouth for a long time.

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Kesari Bhath | MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic - MTR
Kesari Bath | MTR – Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic – MTR

Kesari Bhath – Anyone visiting MTR should never miss out on Kesari Bhath. A thick sweet porridge made from semolina, vermicelli, ghee, cashews, raisins and sprinkled with saffron. The perfect compliment to the Kharabhath and a great sweet by itself too. The combination of Khara bath and Kesari bath is called Chow Chow bath, which is widely eaten in the Mysuru region.

MTR Special Coffee | MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic - MTR
MTR Special filter Coffee | MTR – Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic – MTR

MTR special filter coffee – Who can forget to drink piping-hot strong MTR filter coffee after a sumptuous breakfast. The coffee can trigger digestion and make our day eventful. 

Besibele Bhath | MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic - MTR
Besibele Bath | MTR – Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic – MTR

Chandrahara – MTR was the original creator of this signature sweet called Chandrahara. It is made with maida flour and deep fried to perfection. Topped with a thick, sweet liquid made from khoa, and is served only on Sundays. It is said that life is considered waste if this iconic sweet is not tasted at least once.

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MTR, “Ullas”, Temple Road, Jayalakshmipuram, Mysuru 570012, PH: 08213500169

Hours of Operation

7:00 AM to 9:00 PM



Service Options

Dine-in / Takeaway

Payment Modes

Cash / Mastercard /Visa

Brief about MTR

The year was 1920 when three brothers Parameshwara Maiya, Ganappayya Maiya and Yagnanarayana Maiya left a small, sleepy hamlet near Udupi in South Kanara in search of greener pastures and found their way to Bengaluru. Being proficient in cooking, they found employment as cooks in the homes of some prominent people of those times.

In 1924, Parameshwara Maiya, with encouragement and assistance from his employer, decided to start a small restaurant on Lalbagh Fort Road in Bengaluru, along with Ganappayya Maiya, called the Brahmin Coffee Club serving coffee and idlis. Five years later, on the death of Parameshwara Maiya, Yagnanarayana Maiya joined his brother in running the restaurant. For the next three decades. Yagnanarayana Maiya, or Yagnappa as he was called affectionately, with his enterprising ways, managed the restaurant effortlessly and brought the restaurant accolades and fame.

“Integrity is the backbone of MTR. It’s the core reason for its survival over the decades. Whether it’s food or conduct in business, emphasis is on ethics and fair play.”

In 1951, he decided to undertake a tour of Europe to study how restaurants in those parts functioned. He returned as an enlightened man, impressed with the standards of cleanliness, hygiene, discipline and practices adhered to by the restaurants there. On his return he brought in  quite a few changes in the restaurant. He raised the bar by introducing new standards for hygiene, health and sanitation. He introduced sterilisation of utensils, crockery and cutlery. He distributed small booklets on health and proper eating habits. He also opened up the kitchen to the scrutiny of customers. He also renamed the restaurant ‘Mavalli Tiffin Rooms’, in short for MTR, after the locality where it was situated.   

In 1960, the restaurant shifted to its present location on Lalbagh Road, Bengaluru and grew in stature and name. MTR became a landmark. In 1968, Yagnanarayana Maiya passed away, handing over the mantle to his nephew Harishchandra Maiya and the legacy continues with the third generation in the saddle.

MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic - MTR
MTR – Mavalli Tiffin Rooms | Pic – MTR

MTR is a brand in itself

From a humble beginning, the MTR became one-of-the-few most trusted brands and attained cult status in India. The 100 year long march taught the founders life-lessons on how to make their customers happy through food. The lessons learnt are put to use and that explains why MTR stands out in the crowded fine dining restaurant segment.

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