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Mysore’s SAPA bakery is the place to visit for hand-crafted gourmet food

SAPA Bakery - the place for some of the finest “Sourdoughs and pastries” in Mysore

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Introduction to Sourdough Bread and SAPA Bakery

Mysore’s grand palaces, millennia-old temples, museums, yoga schools, Zoo gardens, bird sanctuaries, etc., are well-known. However, the city does not enjoy a strong reputation for its good eateries, even though it boasts some of the best cafes that serve truly continental and Asian cuisines. One of the diners – SAPA’s bakery, based out of “VV Mohalla” serves gourmet food – “sourdough and pastries” and has carved a niche among many bakeries. Their Sourdough gourmet bread is gaining increased popularity in Mysuru. It is because South India’s cultural capital, Mysore, is seeing a rising trend among youth appreciating Connoisseur’s food. 

No wonder food prepared by SAPA is a hit among the aspirational youth.  But before we progress in the storytelling, let’s throw some light on SourDough bread.

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What’s Sourdough bread?

Sourdough is a type of dough that contains a Lactobacillus culture and natural yeasts, and it is employed as a traditional leavening agent for making bread. No commercial yeast is introduced to the dough during the bread-making process. Instead, natural yeast is incorporated into the flour to sustain the presence of Lactobacillus bacteria.

This process is known as natural fermentation, and it plays a crucial role in enhancing the digestibility of the flour by breaking down the starch and gluten molecule chains. It unlocks valuable vitamins and minerals for the human gut microbiota. Moreover, it also gives bread its unique and authentic flavor due to the slow fermentation method. The SourDough bread is used to make great-tasting gourmet food.

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Mysore SAPA Bakery: The Team

The founder Mrs. Dina Webber was born and raised in Germany and had initial exposure there to different varieties of breads including the SourDough bread. However, it was in India she perfected the art of making SourDough bread and pastries. To retain the “freshness and aroma” of the bread, she uses the best Indian flours (partly milled in her mill every day). The aroma of bread made of freshly ground flour is mood-elevating and is appreciated equally by the local populace and tourists. Dina claims that she and her team Veena and Varun handcraft every item with so much “love and passion” that the food at SAPA regularly gets top-notch ratings by happy customers.

The Menu at SAPA Bakery

The carefully curated, handmade menu has been instrumental in bringing out smiles on the faces of their customers. The customers have given “Thumbs Up” to all the food items served at SAPA.

For the latest food menu- Check Here

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SAPA Bakery Mysore The Address

1A, 13th Cross, Kalidasa Road, V.V Mohalla, Jayalakshmipuram, Mysuru, Karnataka 570012

Tel: (+91) 63605 71579

Working Hours

  • Wednesday – Sunday
  • 12 PM – 9 PM

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