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Adani commissions West-South 765 KV Warora-Kurnool Transmission line

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Adani Energy Solution’s Transmission line will Strengthen the National Grid with Seamless Power Flow Between Western and Southern Regions

Ahmedabad, 19 October 2023 – In a major development in India’s power transmission infrastructure, Adani Energy Solutions Limited (AESL) has successfully commissioned the largest inter-regional 765 KV Warora-Kurnool Transmission Line (WKTL). This achievement marks a significant step in fortifying the national grid. Which will facilitate the smooth flow of power between the western and southern regions of the country.

Connecting Three States, Strengthening the Grid

The 1,756 circuit-kilometer transmission line spans across the states of Maharashtra, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh, enhancing the connectivity and energy exchange between these regions.

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With the launch of the WKTL project, Adani Energy Solutions Ltd. (AESL) is expanding its presence across all regions of India. This strategic West to South 765 KV interconnection, along with the associated substations shall revolutionize the energy landscape of the country.

Adani Energy Solutions Innovative Engineering Achievements

One of the most remarkable aspects of this project is the unprecedented crossing of the Krishna and Godavari Rivers using midstream megastructures (towers) that showcase unique engineering designs.

Modern technologies, such as drones, played a crucial role in stringing the transmission lines in areas with limited accessibility. Which demonstrated the project’s commitment to innovation.

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The WKTL will ensure the seamless flow of 4,500 MW of power between the Western and Southern regions. Furthermore, it will also strengthen the Southern region’s grid, supporting the large-scale integration of renewable energy sources.

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Background of the Warora Kurnool Transmission Limited Project

The inception of Warora Kurnool Transmission Limited (WKTL) dates back to April 2015 when the company was established to create an additional inter-regional alternate current link for power import into the southern region.

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This included the development of the Warora-Warangal and Chilakaluripeta-Hyderabad-Kurnool transmission lines, along with a 765/400 kV substation in Warangal.

Adani Energy Solutions Transmission Project Setting Records

The WKTL project stands as the largest 765 kV D/C (Hexa conductor) Tariff-Based Competitive Bidding (TBCB) project ever awarded under a single scheme. The scale of the project is exemplified by the use of a total of 103,000 metric tons of steel for tower construction. This is equivalent to the materials required for setting up 10 Eiffel Towers. Additionally, 30,154 km of conductor was used for the transmission lines. An amount comparable to traveling three times around the moon.

Two midstream towers, each standing at an impressive 102 meters in height with pile foundations, were established on the Krishna River for the first time in history.

The project involved overcoming various challenges, including the erection of towers and stringing of lines while crossing 116 major power lines, electrified railway tracks, and national highways. Notable accomplishments include stringing 1,524 circuit kilometers in just 11 months at a rate of 140 circuit kilometers per month.

The completion of the 765 KV Warora-Kurnool Transmission Line is a significant milestone in India’s efforts to strengthen its power infrastructure. Thus, ensuring a reliable and efficient flow of electricity between the western and southern regions.

About Adani Energy Solutions Limited

AESL, a key part of the Adani portfolio, excels in power transmission, distribution, smart metering, and cooling solutions. It’s the largest private transmission network in India, spanning 20,000 circuit kilometers and offering 53,000 MVA transformation capacity across 14 states. AESL serves 12+ million consumers in Mumbai and Mundra SEZ, ensuring uninterrupted power. It’s also a leader in India’s smart metering, driving energy efficiency. AESL provides integrated energy solutions with expanded distribution networks, competitive retail options, and a significant share of green power. The focus is on reliability, affordability, and sustainability.

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