Friday, December 8, 2023
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Vande Bharat trains to be maintained at Mysuru

Railway Maintenance Upgrade at Mysuru Pit-Line No.4 to accommodate Vande Bharat Trains

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Indian Railways has announced plans to maintain Vande Bharat Trains in Mysuru. To facilitate this initiative, the Divisional Railway Manager Electrical has commenced the necessary upgrades. The maintenance and overhaul of Vande Bharat Trains will take place at Pit Line 4 in Mysuru Junction.

Upgrading OHE with Isolators at Pit Line 4

A tender has been issued for the provision of Overhead Equipment (OHE) with Isolators to ensure the safety of maintenance activities for Vande Bharat Trains.

The estimated project cost is Rs. 37,32,376.06/-. The project is scheduled to be completed within 60 days.

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Understanding OHE Isolators

An OHE Isolator is a manually operated switch designed to isolate specific sections of the Overhead Equipment (OHE) network for fault handling or maintenance. These isolator switches are strategically positioned on the main line and in large yards to segment the OHE into elementary sections.

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