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The all-pleasing Mysuru Rail Museum is a must-visit for everyone

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News in brief

Railways opened their newly upgraded, refurbished rail museum to the public on 14th March 2020. Since then, the Mysuru Rail Museum has never slowed down in attracting visitors even during covid lockdowns.  

Mysuru rail museum is yet another feather in the cap of tourist attractions of Mysuru. It has everything that can attract visitors and sustains their enthusiasm throughout their stay in the museum.

More info on the rail museum can be found at the Mysuru Rail Museum site (Web Link).

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Whenever we hear the “chuku bhuku chuku bhuku” and the “koo” sounds of the steam rail engines, it takes us back down memory lane to our childhood days. Such is the inseparable link rail journeys have with our childhood. Every one of us has memories of our rail journeys, and our faces glow with joy whenever we remember them. 

There is a musical rhythm in the running steam engine, its loud whistle, and the sounds of train cars while in motion.  It is so pleasant to hear that we feel the train is trying to tell us something. Maybe, it is teaching us how to live, and how not to lose courage when life passes through a tough patch.

The  गाड़ी बुला रही हे, शिति बजा रही हे title song from the 1974 cult classic movie “Dost”, made immortal by the legendaries like Kishore Kumar, Lakshmikant Pyarelal, and Dharmendra teaches exactly that. It teaches the philosophy of life to people. 

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Cut to the present times, the number of admirers of trains is increasing by the day. No wonder YouTube channels that carry rail videos have millions of subscribers and millions watch their rail videos daily. 

Take a Virtual tour of Mysuru Rail Museum

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