Himavad Gopalswamy Temple

Himavad Gopalswami temple – A place where mother nature meets spirituality

Synopsis The Himavad Gopalaswamy temple is a popular spiritual destination in the Mysuru region. However, outside this region people hardly know about it. This article intends to briefly introduce the temple to everyone seeking divine blessings of the lord Gopalswamy. Himavad Gopalaswami betta – a brief introduction “Do you want to be away from the […]

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Keshava Temple Somanathapura, Mysuru

Keshava Temple Somanathapura

A magnificent millenia old temple very close to Mysuru city Keshava Temple Somanathapura is the millenia old marvel, which most of the tourists visiting Mysuru miss going there despite being near to the city. The Keshava Temple, also referred to as Chennakeshava Temple. The breath-taking exquisite architecture and the grandeur the millenia old temples like Somanathapura Keshava […]

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