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Mysuru Zoo – Everyone’s delight

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What comes to one’s mind when one hears the word Mysuru? – “Mysuru palace?”, “Mysuru masala dosa?”, “Mysuru pak?”, “Mysuru sandal soap?”, “Mysuru silk saree?-  maybe all of them. But what about Mysuru Zoo (MZ)? MZ is one place not many may be aware can bring a big (ear-to-ear) smile to the faces of Zoo visitors.

Animals inspired philosophy

For ages, Nature, animals, and birds inspired philosophers, poets, and storytellers in their work. Animals/ birds teach us how to lead a “happy” and “satisfying” life by sharing what we have with others. They (animals) don’t worry about tomorrow and lead their lives as if today is the day to live. They teach us “how to live in the moment” and be happy with small things in life. The creator of the universe, who takes care of all things created, will also take care of us too.  To lead a “worry-less” life, one has to understand this theory “pretty-well” and submit oneself 100% to the Universal creator. This is the philosophy we get to observe and learn from animals & birds.

The film Mrugalaya

1986 Kannada film “Mrugalaya” has a song that exclusively talks about these virtues.It The song goes like this ಆಲಯ ಮೃಗಾಲಯ.It was shot in MZ and auidence were in awe watching zoo animals on the celluloid. The song was made iconic by the late singer Sri. SP Balasubramanium and the famous music directors late Rajan & Nagendra. The late actor Ambareesha played his role marvelously well.

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Mysuru Zoo garden

The well-curated, neatly maintained, meticulously planned MZ, was started by Sri Jaya Chamarajendra Wodeyar Bahadur – the 23rd Ruler of the Yadu Dynasty in the year 1892. This Zoo Garden was designed to educate people of the State about wildlife. It has the unique distinction of breeding rare species in captivity and emphasis was laid towards the comfort and wellbeing of the animals.

The Landscaping

The German Landscaper and horticulturist, Mr. G.H. Krumbeigal was engaged to create the beautiful and attractive landscape on a 45 acres plot for MZ. Later it was expanded to 157.02 acre including 77.02 acres that houses Karanji Lake today. 

The MZ was famous for the following

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  • Wide variety of animals –  native and exotics
  • Excellent infrastructure for visitors
  • Conservation of forest eco-system
  • Excellent waste management and water harvesting systems in place
  • Financially self-sustaining Zoo (earns its revenue)
  • Rescue and Rehabilitation of Wild Animals
  • Conservation and Breeding of Endangered Animals

MZ houses more than 1450 specimen comprising 150 species representing more than 25 countries. MZ, being very clean and visitor friendly,  attracts on an average of 3 million visitors annually, thus making it one of the few centers which attracts high number of tourists in the country.

MZ is known for its excellence in zoo maintenance with greenery throughout the year Development of garden, continuous planting of saplings, ensuring cleanliness, avoiding littering of plastic materials such as plastic covers/handbags, educating visitors about plastic free zone, sustainable management practices such as rain water harvesting, solid waste management and establishment of live feed units. All these were made possible with the help of all stakeholders.

Captive breeding and rearing

MZ is pioneering in captive breeding and this has resulted in breeding of more than 100 species in captivity. It provides spacious enclosure in a natural setting for welfare of the animals. The zoo authorities help in  educating the visitors during their zoo visit. MZ also dons the role as an orphanage for rearing the abandoned / deserted animals. 

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Animal adoption program

MZ offers Animal Adoption Programme every year through sponsorship from the Public/Celebrities / Institutions. The income tax Department has extended tax rebate u/s 80G, for the donations made towards animal adoptions. The contribution from animal adoption program with a significant sum Rs.25 to 30 lakhs per animal has been a valuable support for managing the Zoo affairs. Since the animal adoption program has been a runaway HIT, MZ has attained self-sufficiency in managing its affairs.

Also, the zoo has ventured to produce vermicompost for the first time by using the animal waste as well as dried and fallen leaves.

Visitors’ convenience a top priority

Realizing the importance of visitors, MZ provides eco-friendly facilities like battery operated vehicles, lawns, toll free toilets, RO drinking water facility, food court, library, wheel chairs and umbrellas.

Zoo timings

Every Tuesday Holiday

Other Days – 08:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Best Time To Visit The Zoo

One can visit Zoo at any suitable time of the day. However, those who wish to see the big cats in action are advised to schedule the visit early morning or evening as cats tend to rest during the day. There are 149 species housed at the zoo.

For tariff and other information, please visit Mysuru Zoo’s official site

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