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Tender: Electrification of Mysuru Mangaluru Railway Line

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System Map of Mysuru Mangaluru Railway Line via Hassan including Arsikere
System Map

The Central Organisation for Railway Electrification (CORE) has invited bids for the Electrification of Mysuru Mangaluru Railway Line via Hassan including Arsikere line.

The tender work involves “Design, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 25kV, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC Electrification Works including OHE & TSS as Composite Electrical Work” in Mysuru(Excl)- Hassan(Incl)- Mangaluru(Excl)/ Arsikere(Excl) section Gr. 299 of Mysuru Division of South Western Railway.

The total estimated cost of Electrification of Mysuru Mangaluru Railway Lines is 110.50 crore with a completion period of 24 months from the date of award of work. Electrification is to be carried out for a total of 347 RKM /410 TKM. Ranking order for Bids is lowest to highest.

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Tender Document Extract
Tender Document Extract

Significance of Electrification

New Mangalore port trust (NMPT) is a major port on the western coast which is being developed under the Sagarmala project by the Union Government. And this is the only major sea-port of Karnataka.

The proposed electrification of Mysuru Mangaluru railway line assumes greater significance in the light of the ongoing Inland Container Depot works by CONCOR at Kadakola. Various industries in and around Mysuru region export their finished goods mostly via the Chennai port which is usually congested and takes time to process the inbound/outbound shipments.

However, in recent times the industries in and around Mysuru are exploring the option of shipping their goods via NMPT. Recently, JK tyres shipped out their cargo containers to Mexico via NMPT. Also, Hassan is fast emerging as an industrial centre with many renowned textile and pharma companies setting up their base in SEZs. Hence, the electrification of railway lines connecting Mangaluru, Arsikere, Hassan and Mysuru will go a long way in boosting the cargo potential handling of NMPT. 

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Total Electrification of railway lines from Mysuru

Railway mainline connecting Mysuru and Chennai via Bengaluru is already doubled and electrified. Also, the Mysuru – Chamarajanagar railway line via ICD Kadakola is being electrified with the tender process already initiated.

The electrification between Mysuru and Mangaluru/Arsikere via Hassan will lead to total electrification of railway lines from Mysuru. This would mean that the containers loaded from ICD Kadakola can easily be overhauled to NMPT by electric locomotives. It is noteworthy to mention that electric locomotives are more powerful and responsive than their diesel counterparts for heavy container movement.

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