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Review of upgradation works at Ashokapuram, Kavalande and Chamarajanagar railway stations 

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During the Gati Shakti meeting chaired by Member of Parliament, Mysuru, Shri Pratap Simha directed railway officials to construct one more platform at Ashokapuram railway station.

Additionally, MP requested for the status of his earlier demands for crossing lines at Kavanade station and the development of secondary maintenance facilities at Chamarajanagar railway station. 

Gati Shakti Meeting was chaired by the MP on October 4, 2023 at his office. Gati Shakti Chief, Senior Divisional Commercial and Operational managers and other Railway officials of SWR attended the meeting. 

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One more Platform at Ashokapuram Railway Station

MP directed railway officials to convert a stabling line located adjacent to the second entry of Ashokapuram railway station into a full-fledged platform. This conversion will result in Ashokapuram hosting six platforms, bringing it on par with the current Mysuru Junction.. 

Crossing Line at Kavalande/KVE Halt Railway Station sent to Railway Board

During the Gati Shakti meeting, Railway officials informed the MP that they have proposed three railway lines at Kavalande station yard. The proposal has already been submitted to the railway board for approval. In response, the MP assured that he would follow up on the proposal and work to obtain the required approvals from the board as early as possible.

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In the earlier Gati Shakti meeting, MP Pratap Simha had stressed on the development of a crossing line at Kavalande Halt Railway Station. The development of the crossing line  is crucial to the efficient & enhanced train operations between Nanjangud and Chamarajanagar. 

Currently, there is a single-block section connecting Nanjangud and Chamarajanagar. It is affecting  the introduction of new services and longer travel times between stations. To address this issue, the MP has proposed upgrading Kavalande Halt Station to a Crossing station. complete with a loop line (Crossing line). In simpler terms, this upgrade aims to divide the existing single-block section between Nanjangud/NTW and Chamarajanagar/CMNR.

Developing Stabling Lines at Chamarajanagar Railway Station (CMNR)

In the earlier Gati Shakti meetings, the MP had requested to develop infrastructure to enhance railway connectivity. In this regard, the Railway officials informed MP that they have planned another two Railway lines. And the proposal is pending before the Railway board. 

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