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Mysuru MP directs Railways to reduce Travel time 

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Member of Parliament, Mysore, Shri Pratap Simha held the Gati Shakti meeting at his office on October 4,2023. During the meeting, he reviewed various Railway projects undertaken in the Mysuru region.

In the meeting, MP reiterated the subjects that were stated in his letter to the GM, SWR as a part of the 23rd ZRUCC meeting. These subjects pertained to the speeding up of trains, upgradation of train services to superfast and extension of trains. 

Gati Shakti Meeting was attended by the Gati Shakti Chief, Senior Divisional Commercial and Operational managers and other Railway officials. 

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Reduction in Travel Time Sought 

The MP insisted for a reduction in the travel time for the following trains-

  • 12610 Chennai Intercity express
  • 17326 Vishwamanava express
  • 12786 Kacheguda Express
  • 12781 Swarna Jayanti Superfast express 
  • 16227 Talaguppa express
  • 16219 Tirupati Express

He expressed dissatisfaction over the railway’s decision to increase the travel time for 12781 Swarna Jayanti Superfast and 17326 Vishwamanava express with effect from October 1, 2023.

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The Member of Parliament also insisted for a reduction in the travel time for all Superfast trains operating on the Mysuru – Kengeri – Mysuru route, aiming for a target of 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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Extension of trains to Ashokapuram

MP directed officials to get the required approvals to extend the train services from Mysuru Jn to Ashokapuram railway station. He reiterated that their extension to Ashokapuram station would provide direct rail connectivity to South Mysuru. It would also help in easing the train operations at Mysuru junction. 

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The proposed trains for extension are

  • All MEMU trains
  • Kaveri express
  • Malgudi express
  • Chennai Intercity express

Upgradation of Trains to Superfast Service 

MP directed the railways officials to upgrade several express services from Mysuru to superfast service

Following are the trains recommended for the Superfast Servce- 

  • 16023/24 Kaveri Express 
  • 12609/10 Chennai Intercity Express
  • 12786/85 Kacheguda Express
  • 16591 Hampi Express
  • 16536/35 Golgumbaz Express

Public travelling between Mysuru and Bengaluru on a daily basis are demanding a reduction in travel time. Despite the completion of the doubling and electrification of the Mysuru-Bengaluru railway line, the railways have yet to extend the advantages of this double-electrified infrastructure to passengers, particularly in terms of increasing train speed in this section.

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  1. The distance between Bangalore cant station to KSR. Bangalore is 4 km, to cover this distance a express train No. 16235 takes one hour twenty mins as per the time table
    One can take less. time by. walk

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