Railways to construct new railway line between Sindhanur and Hirekotagal

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Railways have called RFP for the Construction of 30.68 kilometers New Broad Gauge Line Between Sindhanur(excl.) and Hirekotangal(Incl.) Under 165.57 kilometers Ginigera(GIN)-Raichur(RC) New Line Project Including Signaling, Telecommunication & Electrical Works on EPC Mode.

Out of the 165.57-kilometer Ginigera – Raichur new railway line project, The railways have completed and operationalised around 65 kilometers of the new railway line between Ginigera and Karatagi. Between Karatagi and Sindhanur works are in progress and expected to complete by March 2024.

Length in km: 30.68 klm

Estimated Project Cost: 631.76 Cr

No. of Years for completion of work: 24 months

The brief details of the project are given below:

1) Year of Sanction: 2007

2) Detailed Estimate: Rs.1350.91 Cr.

3) Revised estimate: Rs.2599.67 Cr.

3) ROR: +4.13%as a cost sharing project with GoK ((50:50)/(Rly:GoK)).

4) Total land required for the entire GIN-RC NL Project:989.43 Ha. And Total land required for proposed EPC stretch 181.73 Ha.

5) Total land acquired/work permission given: Out of total land required 181.73 Ha, 44.53 Ha has been acquired and further 137.2 Ha. 11(1) & 19(1) notification has been published.

Silent Features

  • Station at Jawalgere
  • Passenger Subway is proposed with ramps and steps at Jawalgere
  • Two HL Platforms including one Island platform having a length of 570 m each at Jawalgere
  • Station at Hirekotangal
  • Passenger Subway is proposed with ramps and steps at Hirekotangal.
  • Two HL Platforms including one Island platform having a length of 570 m each at Hirekotangal.

The project also includes construction of

  • 6 Major bridges
  • Around 115 Minor bridges
  • 55 Nos RUBs
  • 1 Nos. of LC

The proposed new railway line between Munirabad and Raichur in Karnataka is expected to have several benefits, including:

Improved connectivity: The new railway line will connect several cities and towns in Karnataka, providing improved connectivity to the region. This will make it easier for people to travel for work, education, and leisure.

Reduced travel time: The new railway line is expected to reduce travel time between Hubballi and Raichur, Hyderabad, which will benefit passengers as well as freight transportation.

Boost to trade and commerce: The new railway line will also provide a boost to trade and commerce in the region. The improved connectivity will make it easier for businesses to transport goods and raw materials, which will improve productivity and competitiveness.

Job creation: The construction of the new railway line will create job opportunities for people in the region. Additionally, the improved connectivity is expected to attract more investment, which will create more job opportunities.

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