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NHAI to construct Maski and Sindhanur Bypasses on NH150A 

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Karnataka, India – In a bid to enhance transportation infrastructure and alleviate traffic congestion, the NHAI has undertaken a significant development project on National Highway 150A (NH-150A). The project encompasses the construction of Maski and Sindhanur Bypasses, with a focus on strengthening and widening the existing sections to a 2-lane carriageway with paved shoulders.

Enhanced Connectivity for Karnataka

The proposed Maski Bypass will span from the existing Km 144.220 to Km 151.755 on NH-150A, providing crucial connectivity between roads leading to Antaragangi through SH-14, Venkatapur, Parapura via Major District Roads (MDRs), and other key routes. This bypass is expected to streamline traffic flow and reduce travel time for commuters and cargo carriers in the region.

Maski and Sindhanur Bypasses
Maski and Sindhanur Bypasses

Similarly, the Sindhanur Bypass will stretch from the existing Km 168.370 to Km 180.800 on NH-150A, facilitating smoother access to various destinations, including Pothnal via SH-23, Tawargeri through SH-30, Karataggi via SH-23, and other villages connected by MDRs and additional roads. This bypass is anticipated to decongest the busy routes and promote seamless transportation.

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Traffic Volume Projections

Traffic volume is a critical aspect considered in any roadway development project. Based on classified traffic volume count surveys conducted for the project road, the base year (2022) average annual daily classified commercial traffic volume (CVPD) for the Maski section is 881 vehicles, while the Sindhanur section records 1032 vehicles. These figures emphasize the necessity of infrastructure improvements to accommodate the increasing traffic demands.

Project Costs and Scope

The NHAI has allocated a total budget of Rs. 482.48 crores for the comprehensive NH-150A development project. Out of this, an estimated Rs. 276.43 crores have been earmarked for the civil cost associated with constructing the Maski and Sindhanur Bypasses. Works are to be completed within 730 days from the date of award of work.

Maski and Sindhanur Bypasses
Maski and Sindhanur Bypasses

The project’s primary objective is to strengthen and widen the bypasses, elevating them to a 2-lane carriageway with paved shoulders. 

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The upgraded roadways will enhance safety and efficiency, contributing to economic growth and ease of travel for both residents and businesses in the region.

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