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Expansion of Ashokapuram Railway Station nearing completion

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Ashokapuram railway station, located in the city of Mysuru has been an essential part of the city’s transportation infrastructure for many years. As the demand for rail travel increases, the railway station’s expansion has become necessary to meet the growing needs of passengers.

The expansion plan for Ashokapuram railway station includes various upgrades and improvements to the station’s facilities, infrastructure, and amenities. The project aims to improve the overall passenger experience by providing a more comfortable, efficient, and accessible railway station.

The expansion work taken up in 2 phases. The phase-1 yard remodeling works will cost Rs.15.7 crore with a tentative completion date of February 2023. And, the phase -2 work is taken up with a cost of Rs. 13.39 crore with a tentative completion date of June 2023.

MP Mysuru Shri Pratap Simha’s efforts to expand the Ashokapuram Railway Station and Railway infra in the region
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One of the most significant upgrades in the expansion plan is the construction of additional platforms to accommodate more trains. The new platforms will allow for more trains to stop at Ashokapuram railway station, reducing congestion and improving train schedules. The expansion plan also includes the second entrance and other facilities to enhance passenger comfort.

The expansion of Ashokapuram railway station is an important development for the city of Mysore. The project’s successful execution will improve the overall transportation infrastructure and enhance the city’s connectivity. The new and improved Ashokapuram railway station will be a major milestone in the city’s progress.

Features of Expansion works

  • Provision of two additional platform lines (Road-5, Road-6) 
  • One Stabling line – CSL 556.5m length (non-platform line-Road-7).
  • Construction of new Platform No.4 & 5 –540m length including Platform shelters.
  • Extension of existing Platform 1 by 87.5m and Platform 2 & 3 by 57.5m
  • Extension of FOB.
  • Second Entry at Srirampura end.
  • Two Stabling lines for Workshop.
  • Other facilities such as Coach watering arrangements, Room for PFTR, etc.

Pictorial Updates as On May 2023

Ashokapuram Railway Workshop Lines
Ashokapuram Workshop Lines
Second entry at Srirampura side
Dead end PF 5 towards CMNR end and Road 7 (Stabling line)
Road 7(Stabling line) and PF 5
PF 4&5
PF 3
PF3,4 and 5
PF 3&4 connection towards CMNR end
PF 1&2 with CMNR MYS Main line
FOB extension towards second entry
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