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Mysuru Dharwad Express extended to Belagavi

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Train 17301/02 Mysuru Dharwad Express will now run till Belagavi

The Railway Board has approved the extension of the 17301/02 Mysuru Dharwad Express train to Belagavi, fulfilling a long-standing demand from passengers in the Belagavi and Mysuru district.

The Belagavi-Mysuru Express train is set to commence operations in the coming days. This was disclosed by the Member of Parliament of Belagavi Shri Iranna Kadadi in his tweet. 

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Schedule & Stoppages of the Belagavi-Mysuru Express 

Train No. 17302 departs from Belgaum at 19:45 and arrives in Mysore at 07:10 the following day.

Train number 17301 will depart from Mysore at 22:30 and reach Belgaum at 10:45 am the next day.

The extended portion of the route is expected to include stops at the following stations-

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  • Khanapur
  • Londa
  • Alnavar

Railway Board in its order has advised the zonal railways to introduce the train in the extended portion at an early date.

Direct Mysuru Belagavi Railway Connection: A Long-Awaited Necessity

The two districts are the most populated districts in Karnataka. Travel options between Mysuru and Belagavi were very limited, with only KSRTC operating direct buses.

For a brief period, the Government of India introduced a Mysuru-Belagavi flight under the RCS UDAN scheme. However, the services were terminated due to the flight operator’s financial crisis. Demand for an overnight express train was a long pending demand of the people from both districts. 

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Approved Timings for Mysuru Belagavi Express


The revised schedule for the 17302 Dharwad-Mysuru Express has recently been updated on the IRCTC website for journeys starting from October 1, 2023. We had covered the news of the same earlier, you can read it here- Dharwad Mysuru Express timings revised from October 1

Now the train may go for another revision in timings due to the Railway Board order dated September 4, 2023 for extension of 17301/02 Mysuru Dharwad Express till Belagavi

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