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MP Mysuru demands Superfast Tag to Trains and Reduction in Travel Time

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In a letter addressed to the 23rd Zonal Railway Users’ Consultative Committee (ZRUCC) meeting of the South Western Railway (SWR) in Hubballi, the Member of Parliament (MP) advocated for Superfast tag for few express trains and reduction in the travel time for all Superfast trains operating on the Mysuru – Kengeri – Mysuru route, aiming for a target of 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Despite the completion of the doubling and electrification of the Mysuru-Bengaluru railway line, the railways are yet to extend the advantages of double-electrified infrastructure to passengers, particularly in terms of increasing train speed in this section.

Superfast Tag for Express Services

To enhance the efficiency of train services from Mysuru to various destinations, the Member of Parliament has requested that the railways to upgrade several express services from Mysuru to Superfast status.

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The trains putforth for superfast category consideration connects Mysuru with tourist destinations of Northern Parts of Karnataka and major metro cities. Currently, Mysuru lacks air connectivity to the northern interior parts of the state. So trains are the only comfortable option for people. In this situation, it becomes important to have super fast category trains to help the tourists of both the regions. Additionally, MP has sought super-fast category to trains connecting Mysuru with Chennai and Hyderabad. Thousands of youngsters work in these tech cities.

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Superfast trains would help cut down travel time and provide an affordable option as compared to the flights or buses, where ticket prices are not regulated.

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The following Express Services from Mysuru are being considered for the Superfast category:

Kaveri Express (Train No. 16024/23):

The Kaveri Express, operates between Mysuru and Chennai via Bengaluru, is one of the oldest train routes and the only overnight train to Chennai.

Hampi Express (Train No. 16591/92):

The Hampi Express, connects the UNESCO heritage center to Mysuru. This train plays a crucial role in serving tourists. So, accelerating this train’s speed will benefit both the tourists and regular commuters traveling between Mysuru, Ballari, and Hosapete.

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Chennai Express (Train No. 12609/10):

The Chennai Express runs between Mysuru and Chennai. It is presently designated as a superfast train only on the Chennai to Bengaluru segment. The MP is urging for it to be upgraded to a superfast service for the entire journey.

Golgumbaz Express (Train No. 16535/36):

The Golgumbaz Express links UNESCO sites like Badami and Pattadakal, as well as the famous Golgumbaz in Vijayapura, to Mysuru. This train is popular among tourists and regular passengers traveling to Bagalkot and Vijayapura. Very recently train was extended to popular pilgrim destination Pandharpur.

Kacheguda Express (Train No. 12785/86):

The Kacheguda Express, connects Mysuru with Kacheguda in Hyderabad. It currently runs as a superfast train only between Kacheguda and Bengaluru. The MP has requested the entire route to be designated as a superfast service.

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