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Infosys and Smart Europe GmbH collaborate to bring smart EVs to customers

The collaboration aims to boost digital sales and customer experience in the e-mobility era.

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News in brief

Infosys and Smart Europe GmbH have partnered to offer sustainable electric mobility solutions (EVs) to European customers for five years. The collaboration aims to enhance customer engagement and the digital sales experience in the era of e-mobility.

Transforming the Direct-to-Customer (D2C) Business Model

Infosys, a worldwide leader in digital services and consulting, has recently formed a strategic partnership with Smart Europe GmbH, a prominent automotive brand. The main objective of this collaboration is to modernize the Direct-to-Customer (D2C) business model in Europe, with a focus on delivering superior experiences to customers through data-driven personalization and engagement.

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Models Included in the Collaboration

Infosys has announced a partnership with Smart Europe GmbH to collaborate on several electric vehicle (EVs) models such as the smart #1, the recently unveiled smart #3, and upcoming all-electric models. The joint aim of the partnership is to redefine the online EVs buying experience. In addition, the companies will leverage advanced Machine Learning (ML) models to accurately predict the sales and aftersales demand.

Infosys’ Expertise in Automotive and E-commerce

Smart Europe GmbH has chosen Infosys to assist them with their automotive sales and e-commerce processes and systems. Infosys was selected due to its extensive experience in streamlining these processes. By leveraging their expertise, Infosys plans to help Smart Europe GmbH maximize the value of its software, data, and cloud investments. They will achieve this through a design thinking-led consulting approach, which ensures efficiency and effectiveness throughout the process.

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Enabling D2C Sales Across Europe

Smart Europe GmbH is partnering with Infosys to facilitate the efficient sale of electric vehicles in 15 European countries through a Direct-to-Customer (D2C) sales approach. The collaboration aims to cover various stages, from lead generation and prospect conversion to sales and after-sales services, with end-to-end ownership and accountability.

Praise from Smart Europe GmbH CEO

Dirk Adelmann, the Chief Executive Officer of Smart Europe GmbH, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership, praising Infosys’ dedication and effectiveness in application development and maintenance. He strongly believes that this collaboration will improve their operational performance and enhance the overall user experience.

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Infosys’ Commitment to Innovation-Driven Experiences

Jasmeet Singh, the Executive Vice President and Global Head of Manufacturing at Infosys, expressed his delight in providing cutting-edge technologies to innovative companies such as Smart Europe GmbH. He emphasized Infosys’ commitment to powering innovation-driven customer experiences in the automotive and mobility sector. The partnership between the two companies is expected to be a game-changer in the electric mobility era, enhancing their competitiveness in the European market.

Infosys and Smart Europe GmbH have joined hands to take a significant step towards sustainable electric mobility (EVs) solutions and improved customer experiences in Europe. The partnership leverages Infosys’ expertise and Smart Europe GmbH’s iconic brand to drive innovation in the electric vehicle market.

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