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Infosys and Google Cloud to Drive AI Transformation for Enterprises

Infosys & Google cloud to expand alliance to establish the cutting-edge Generative AI Labs on a global scale.

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Infosys (NSE, BSE, NYSE: INFY) has announced the expansion of its alliance with Google Cloud. The alliance aims to empower enterprises in building AI-driven experiences. Infosys and Google cloud will harness the Infosys Topaz and Google Cloud’s generative AI solutions.

Generative AI Labs for Industry Solutions

As a crucial facet of this partnership expansion, Infosys is set to establish the cutting-edge Generative AI Labs on a global scale. These labs will focus on the development of industry-specific AI solutions and platforms, enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate generative AI into their operational workflows.

Extensive Training Initiative

Infosys has also undertaken a major training initiative, with plans to train 20,000 practitioners in Google Cloud’s generative AI technologies. This comprehensive training program includes Vertex AI and Duet AI in Google Workspace. The objective is to ensure that businesses have access to a pool of professionals who possess the expertise required to effectively develop, implement, and manage various generative AI projects.

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Infosys to leverage AI Expertise on Google Cloud

This alliance capitalizes on Infosys’ existing proficiency in data, analytics, and AI on the Google Cloud platform. Infosys is actively collaborating with Google Cloud to craft a suite of transformative AI platforms and industry-specific solutions to cater to various business scenarios. These encompass Consumer AI, autonomous supply chain management, autonomous marketing, anti-money laundering, and customer service transformation. Infosys will enhance numerous of its current platforms and solutions by integrating Infosys Topaz and Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities.

Notable products in this enhancement include-

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  • Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform
  • Infosys Applied AI Platform
  • Infosys Customer Intelligence Platform
  • Infosys Data Streams
  • Infosys Supply Chain AI Platform

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Infosys and Google cloud to Empower AI Transformation

The collective capabilities from Infosys and Google Cloud will work to establish a robust foundation for enterprises embarking on AI-enabled transformations. As an example of the impact, the combination of Infosys Topaz and Google Cloud’s generative AI recently played a pivotal role in facilitating a leading consumer goods company’s successful launch of an AI Twin. This innovative AI solution assists in real-time planning for marketing expenditures, promotions, and product supply across various markets.

In another remarkable case, Infosys collaborated with a major telecommunications company to create a new data and AI capability on Google Cloud. This initiative is geared towards driving growth through digital channels and bolstering the end-to-end customer journey from prospecting to servicing. Infosys’ AI-powered solutions leverage insights to enhance customer experiences, boost sales, and redefine digital business strategies for long-term success.

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Enhancing Infosys Platforms with Generative AI

Infosys has a rich history of assisting clients in their transformation journey with Google Cloud’s data analytics and AI. Now, Infosys is collaborating with Google Cloud to create a suite of generative AI platforms, capitalizing on the strength and expertise of Infosys Topaz and Infosys Cobalt. This collaboration is poised to drive business transformation for enterprises. Together, Infosys and Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities will tackle substantial and intricate challenges by delivering innovative technology solutions across both business and technology domains.

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