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Indian Railways to Construct Yadwad Jamkhandi Railway Line

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Indian Railways has initiated the process of constructing a new Yadwad Jamkhandi railway line for a length of 24.61 km under the Bagalkot-Kudachi New Line 142 kilometres project including Signal & Telecommunication & Electrical Works on EPC Mode. 

Length in km: 24.61 

Estimated Project Cost (In Rs.): 401,34,82,261.94

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No. of months for completion of work:  21 MONTHS

The railway project entails the construction of a new Broad Gauge (BG) single line between Chainage 60/390 Yadwad (excluding) and Chainage 85/000 Jamkhandi Road (excluding), covering a distance of 24.61 km on the Bagalkot (BGK) – Kudachi (KUD) New BG Line. The proposed alignment will be designed and constructed as a single line with a ‘one train only system’ and a maximum train speed of 130 km/h. The initial axle load will be 25 tonnes, and the formation, track, and bridge structures will be built to support this load.

The scope of work for the project includes Design & Construction of various components such as Civil, Building, Electrical, Telecommunication, and Track works. 

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The project involves the construction of various types of bridges and structures. This includes:

  • 1 Important Bridge
  • 1 Major Bridge
  • 38 Minor Bridges
  • 22 Road Under Bridges (RUBs)
  • 6 Road Over Bridges (ROBs)
  • 1 Aqueduct

There will be 5 level crossing gates constructed along with their respective approaches.

In addition to the physical construction, the scope of work also encompasses associated tasks like manufacturing, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning for a Single Line Railway capable of operating at a speed of 160 km/h. This involves designing and building formation in embankments/cuttings, bridges, structures, buildings (including station buildings and service buildings), laying ballast on formation, track works, and integrating the railway system with the existing Indian Railway network.

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The project is to be executed under a design-build lump sum price contract.

Jalibera Halt Station @ Centreline Chainage km 67/825:

  • Station Building Area: 50 sq.m
  • Number of Lines: 1
  • Number of Platforms (PF): 1
  • Platform Length (HL PF-1): 270 m
  • Platform Width (HL PF-1): 6m

Mudhol Crossing Station @ Centreline Chainage km 74/000:

  • Station Building Area: 400 sq.m
  • Number of Lines: 4
  • Number of Platforms (PF): 3
    • HL PF-2 Nos.: Each with a length of 570 m and a width of 6m
    • RL PF-1 No.: Length of 700 m
  • Foot Over Bridges/Subway: RCC box limited height subway below 3 tracks

Please note that “HL PF” refers to a High-Level Platform, and “RL PF” refers to a Regular Level Platform

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