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Coromandel International Unveils Nanotechnology Center for Agricultural Innovation in Coimbatore

The newly inaugurated Nanotechnology Center, Coromandel's sixth research and development (R&D) facility, stands as the company's second Tech Centre

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Coimbatore, November 16, 2023: Coromandel International Limited, a key player in India’s agricultural solutions sector (BSE: 506395, NSE: COROMANDEL), has officially introduced the Coromandel Nanotechnology Center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. This initiative marks a significant stride in the company’s commitment to advancing the development of a diverse range of nano-enabled agro-inputs tailored for plant nutrition and crop protection.

Pioneering Nanotechnology Research and Development

The newly inaugurated Nanotechnology Center, Coromandel’s sixth research and development (R&D) facility, stands as the company’s second Tech Centre. Focused on crafting next-generation agri-inputs, it follows the footsteps of Coromandel’s initial research facility at Monash Academy, IIT Bombay. The center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools for conducting cutting-edge R&D activities, encompassing synthesis, characterization, biosafety testing, and evaluation of nanoproducts.

Facilitating Nano-Input Integration in Agriculture

The center’s mission extends beyond research, aiming to broaden the application of nano-inputs in agriculture. By disseminating scientific data and knowledge to farmers, scientists, and policymakers, it endeavors to enhance understanding and adoption of nano-enabled solutions. Additionally, the Nanotechnology Center will serve as the central laboratory for all Coromandel nano-products, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines and fostering the development of a wide range of bioproducts.

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Recent Innovations and Future Endeavors

In recent months, Coromandel International Limited has made notable strides in the field of nanotechnology for agriculture. The introduction of Nano DAP garnered positive responses from the farming community. Furthermore, the company is actively conducting farmer trials for a unique Nano Urea formulation containing 12% nitrogen (w/w). Concurrently, plans are underway to establish an integrated Nano products manufacturing facility in Kakinada.

Coromandel EVC Statement

Arun Alagappan, Coromandel’s Executive Vice Chairman, shared insights on the significance of the Nanotechnology Center, stating, “The Coromandel Nanotechnology Center is a unique facility established to drive Coromandel’s efforts in nanotechnology in agriculture. This will enable high-quality research in the nano space and is in line with various Government initiatives to promote innovation and the use of technology. This is a major step towards strengthening India’s R&D capabilities for the development of efficient plant nutrition and protection solutions.”

About Coromandel International Limited

Coromandel International Limited is a prominent agri solutions provider in India, offering a diverse range of products and services along the agricultural value chain. The company operates in two primary segments: Nutrient and allied businesses, and Crop Protection. These segments encompass Fertilizer, Crop Protection, Bio Products, Specialty Nutrients, and Organic businesses. Notably, Coromandel is the second-largest manufacturer and marketer of Phosphatic fertilizers in India.

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