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Automatic Coach Washing Plant coming up in Mysuru Railway Station

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Mysuru Automatic coach washing plant is going to see the light soon

Worldwide washing railway coaches have been mechanized through automated/ intelligent washing machines. Automation reduces human errors and negligence in keeping the railway coaches clean. Travelling in hygienic coaches will keep people safe and healthy.

Automatic Coach Washing Plant, Mysuru
ACWP Mysuru | Pic Courtesy: SWR

Mysuru Automatic Coach washing plant (ACWP)

To ensure neat and clean exteriors for trains, the South Western Railway‘s Mysuru Division is setting up an Automatic Coach Washing Plant (ACWP). The facility shall be managed by Coach Care Centre at Mysuru Railway Station. And the works for setting up the ACWP are in the advanced stages of completion.

The ACWP is a multistage external cleaning system for coaches in a rake, using a high-pressure water jet, horizontal and vertical rotating nylon and cotton combination brushes with automatically optimised use of the detergents and cleaning agents.

External cleaning by the ACWP for 24 coaches train can be accomplished within 10 minutes at a speed of 5 KMPH with minimal electrical energy and with very nominal water consumption when compared to manual cleaning which is also labour intensive.

The wastewater from the Automatic Coach Washing Plant(ACWP) can also be recycled for reuse.

Automatic Coach Washing Plant, Mysuru
ACWP Mysuru | Pic Courtesy: SWR

Infrastructure is the mirror which shows the real image of a country

The progress of any country can be gauged by looking at its infrastructure. The shiny trains, comfortable rides, departures and arrivals on time, pristine drinking water, hygienic food, clean railway stations and so on and so forth, are the hallmarks of any developed country. Countries climbed up the development index by developing their railway infrastructure, and Japan is a perfect example for that.

However for the advanced nations, NEITHER these developments happened on its own, NOR it was an act of providence, got it as a gift. Rather, it happened due to conscious human efforts in excelling in what he does. People at the helm took the right steps at the right time to make it happen.

Off late, countries around the world have realised the need for having good infrastructure that is modern, efficient, sustainable and affordable. They are spending billions of USD on that. In fact, quality infrastructure will add to their economy, thus boosting its GDP numbers. High GDP will lead to job creation in high numbers, which in turn will result in societal prosperity.

Automatic Coach Washing Plant, Mysuru
ACWP Mysuru | Pic Courtesy: SWR

Modernization of railways is the key to country’s success

Indian Railways (IR) play a significant role in moving the populace and goods from one point to another. So, it is absolutely important to achieve operational efficiency by embracing mechanization.  By this the trains are less prone to accidents and arrive/ depart on time. In a nutshell, Indian Railways have to shed its flab and become a “lean and mean” machine in order to take the 21 century challenges head-on like a “pro”. 

In order to stay relevant, IR is not only spending a huge amount of money on coach washing machines, but the entire maintenance and upkeep of the railways coaches, engines, tracks etc. are quickly getting automated. Track laying and maintenance, electrical systems/ sub-system are being monitored remotely through satellite networks to achieve safety of the highest order.

Going is good for Indian Railways so far, it is important to stay put to reach its goal of transforming itself into a 21st century transportation network.

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