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VST Tillers and HTC Investments JV to launch three tractors

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VST Tillers Tractors Ltd and HTC Investments a.s. (owner of the “Zetor” Brand) have collaborated to bring the best-in-class tractors to Indian farmers. They have been showcasing these products at various agricultural and trade fairs across the country in recent months to incorporate farmers’ feedback and incorporate features that suit them best.

VST Tillers & HTC Investments JV called VST ZETOR Private Limited

These two leading names in the farm equipment manufacturing sector have formed a joint venture called “VST ZETOR Private Limited.” This joint venture is initially launching three tractors in the 40-50 HP range: VST ZETOR 4211, VST ZETOR 4511, and VST ZETOR 5011. These products have been developed jointly by VST and ZETOR, following rigorous testing and technological integration, with valuable feedback from the farming community in India over nearly a year.

VST ZETOR series features

  • Indigenously built powerful DI Engine
  • Fully constant mesh transmission with helical gears
  • VZmatic hydraulics with a wider platform
  • Dual diaphragm clutch
  • Optimum turning radius
  • Adjustable premium seat
  • Dual-acting power steering
  • Aerodynamic styling
  • Lift capacity of 1800 kg
  • Integrated car-like headlamps
  • Compact packaging with an under-hood muffler
  • Stylish SMC bonnet
  • Modern dashboard with a digital cluster
  • Heat deflector
  • Stylish and fully covered fenders
  • Side-shift lever

Mr. Antony Cherukara, CEO of VST Tillers Tractors Ltd, stated, “Our partnership with ZETOR has enabled us to produce products that enhance productivity, comfort, and ease, aligning with the aspirations of today’s farmers. With modern farmers adopting new technologies for increased efficiency, the VST ZETOR is designed to deliver top-notch performance, leading to higher earnings for farmers. These tractors have been developed based on an in-depth understanding of the farming community’s needs. In addition to the 41-50 HP tractors, VST ZETOR will introduce many more innovative, farmer-friendly products in the future. These tractors offer an enhanced value proposition in line with VST’s commitment.”

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The jointly developed products from VST and ZETOR will soon become available to Indian farmers through their channel partners.

VST Tillers has state of the art plant at Malur and Hosur & at Mysore for precision components. 

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About ZETOR Tractors

Zetor Tractors embarked on their journey in 1946 with the debut of the first model, the Z 25, in what was then Czechoslovakia. Since then, Zetor has manufactured and distributed over 1.3 million tractors to more than 130 countries worldwide. In the 1960s, Zetor made its debut in India, exporting thousands of Czech tractors to the country. These tractors quickly gained a reputation in India for their high reliability, user-friendly operation, and straightforward maintenance.

Building on the success of its tractors, Zetor entered into a licensing agreement with the state-owned Hindustan Machine Tools (India’s largest machine tool manufacturer at the time) to produce multiple Zetor models under the HMT ZETOR brand. This collaboration resulted in the production of over 60,000 tractors under the HMT ZETOR brand between 1970 and 1990.

About VST Tillers Tractors Limited

VST Tillers Tractors Limited was established in the year 1967 by the VST Group of companies. With a legacy spanning over 53 years, VST continues to drive farm mechanization and empower Indian farmers. The organization is the largest Indian manufacturer of tillers, 4WD compact tractors, and a prominent producer of various other categories, including tractors, engines, transmission systems, power reapers, and precision components. VST also exports its products to markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa. To further enhance its product portfolio and provide world-class technology tailored to the needs of Indian customers, VST has formed strategic alliances with Pubert from France for power weeders and Zetor from the Czech Republic for tractors.

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