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BEML excels in R&D at Bengaluru, Mysuru, KGF & Palakkad

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BEML aces the R&D

BEML Limited (formerly Bharat Earth Movers Limited) emphasizes that Research & Development (R&D) has been instrumental in fostering innovation, growth, and sustainability. In a continuously changing business environment, its commitment to R&D has remained unwavering, propelling the company forward and securing its position in the industry. Throughout the fiscal year 2022-23, the company successfully designed, developed, and upgraded products across all three business verticals – Mining & Construction, Defence and Rail & Metro.

A quick overview of BEML R&D in numbers

  • ₹75 crores spent on R&D during FY 2022-23.
  • Over 75% of BEML’s business generated through in-house R&D developed products.
  • R&D expenditure for 2022-23 accounts for 1.91% of revenue and 26.75% of PBT.
  • BEML has submitted a total of 105 IPRs for registration, including 69 patents, 16 designs, 12 copyrights, and 8 trademarks, surpassing the target of 96 by 9%.

Recently, BEML has Established a Engine Design & Development Centre at Mysuru Complex. We have written about that here- BEML Establishes Engine Design & Development Centre at Mysuru Complex

BEML Center of Excellences driving Innovation  

BEML has established Centers for Excellence (CoE) at all major manufacturing complexes to foster continuous learning, training, and technological advancements in various fields, including engine development, metro coach fabrication, aerospace, and more.

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Bengaluru Complex CoE

It provides training in stainless steel welding and wire harnessing to support metro car manufacturing. Furthermore, the center provides skill training in crane operations to both contract operators and BEML employees.

Mysuru Complex CoE

Hosts a specialized Center of Excellence for electrical and electronics systems within heavy equipment like dumpers and motor graders. This center provides comprehensive training covering calibration, wire harnessing, and troubleshooting of these equipment, addressing both practical and theoretical aspects.

Palakkad Complex CoE

It specializes in powertrain mechanisms, covering axles, engines, transmissions, differential assemblies, and electrical systems of heavy vehicles such as TATRA and other equipment used for defense applications.

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KGF Complex CoE

The School of Hydraulics & Welding specializes in training for hydraulic systems and welding processes for various types of equipment.

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New Products developed by BEML R&D centers in 2022-23 

Some of the noteworthy achievements in new product development and product upgrades, accomplished through in-house R&D efforts during the year 2022-23, include:

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Mining & Construction 

  • Introduction of the Heavy-duty face shovel and backhoe bucket with splash lubrication PTO powering hydraulic Excavator Model BE1000-1, designed to extend service life.
  • Upgrading the existing BL30-1 & BL200-1 Wheel Loaders with CEV Stage-IV Engines, aligning with stringent environmental standards.
  • Implementation of advanced lubrication systems on face shovels and backhoes for the BE1000-1 excavator, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Development of safety-oriented features such as the high-raised catwalk and vibration isolation mounts. Thus ensuring compliance with DGMS safety norms and improving operational comfort for the BE1000-1 excavator.
  • Auto Lubrication System on Face Shovel and Backhoe for BE1800D/BE1800E enhances the durability of equipment and results in reduced maintenance costs.
  • Engineering of Allison Transmission Model 6625 ORS with QSK19-T3 Engine (Cummins) on BH60M (BEML Dumper)
    • The 6625 ORS is a 2021 Allison Transmission Off-Road Series™ model.
    • The Cummins QSK19 is a heavy-duty diesel engine with six cylinders and a 19-liter displacement
  • Design & Development of BEML BSAA6D140EG Engine to Meet CEV STAGE IV Emission Norms
    • The BEML BSA6D140-1 is a diesel engine that produces 415 horsepower. It has a displacement of 15.24 liters and a flywheel power of 339 kW (455 hp) at 2100 rpm. The engine has six cylinders in a line and is water-cooled. It is used in a variety of vehicles, including bulldozers, dump trucks, and hydraulic excavators.

BEML Future Plan of Action in Research & Development Activities

Keeping in view the emerging trends in technology and also in line with the unfolding business scenario, the BEML R&D team has put in place, a plan of action to take up several projects with enhanced allocation of resources. To achieve this, R&D infrastructure and resources are being continuously strengthened/ upgraded by BEML to handle and cope with the latest technologies effectively.

BEML R&D Plans in Mining & Construction

  • BEML’s Research and Development (R&D) division in Mining and construction is currently dedicates to the design and development of a 21 cu.m. Rope Shovel, a necessity for Mega Coal Projects, as well as an 8-Ton Tyre Handler.

BEML R&D Plans in Defence

BEML’s R&D department within the defense sector is actively participating in several pivotal projects:

  • High Mobility (4×4 Cross Country Vehicle): This initiative encompasses the design and development of a high-mobility vehicle capable of traversing rugged and challenging terrains. The 4×4 configuration signifies its possession of four-wheel drive, rendering it suitable for off-road usage.
  • BEML HMV ET 8×8 (General Service) with 70T Trailer: This project centers on the BEML High Mobility Vehicle (HMV) featuring an 8×8 configuration. The eight-wheel drive augments traction and load-carrying capacity. Additionally, it entails the creation of a 70-ton trailer for transporting heavy loads.
  • Armoured Protected Mobility Vehicle 4×4: BEML aims to design and develop a 4×4 armored vehicle optimized for protected mobility. 
  • Indigenous Manufacture of Armoured Cabins: BEML has laid out plans for the domestic production of armored cabins for military vehicles. Armored cabins provide enhanced protection for personnel inside, making them indispensable for defense purposes.
  • Up-gradation of ARV WZT-3 Engine

BEML R&D Plans in Rail & Metro

BEML’s Rail & Metro Research and Development (R&D) department is engaged in several noteworthy projects:

  • Vande Bharat Trains (Sleeper Version). BEML’s R&D team is actively involved in designing and developing sleeper versions of the Vande Bharat Trains. These trains are renowned for their high-speed capabilities and advanced features. And introducing a sleeper variant is expected to enhance passenger comfort and usage.
  • Design and Development of 180 kmph Speed Capable Bogies. This project focuses on the creation of bogies (the undercarriage or chassis of a train) capable of supporting speeds of up to 180 kilometers per hour. A critical requirement for high-speed rail services.
  • Collaboration with IIT Kharagpur. BEML’s R&D department is collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur on a project known as “Uchathar Avishakar Yojana” (UAY). This partnership is primarily focuses on bogie design, to develop medium to high-speed bogies through this joint effort.


The transformation of BEML Limited from a loss-making government-owned enterprise to a profit-making Public sector giant is nothing but a miracle. BEML embraces the “Make in India” initiative and has developed products catering to the needs of Defence, Mining, urban transportation, and more. The company also exports its products to many countries, demonstrating global appreciation and acceptance of its offerings.

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