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Vande Bharat trains to be maintained at Bengaluru

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South Western Railway has invited a tender to build maintenance facilities at the Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal(SMVB) coaching depot for the maintenance of Chair Car Vande Bharat trains.

According to sources, the Railways plans to launch 102 Chair Car Vande Bharat trains over its network across the nation. Of which the railways have tentatively earmarked 4 rakes for maintenance at the Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal(SMVB) in the Bengaluru division of South Western Railway.

Manufacturing of Chair Car Vande Bharat trains at the Integral Coach Factory(ICF) is at an advanced stage and 75 rakes are expected to be inducted in the lR network by the end of 2023

In this regard, it is necessary to develop facilities at the Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal(SMVB) Coaching depot for the maintenance of Vande Bharat Chair Car trains operating in and out of Bengaluru.  

Following works are slated to be undertaken at the Shri M Visvesvaraya Terminal, Bengaluru(SMVB)

  • Construction of 4th Pitline beside the existing Pitline No.1
  • Covered shed over 4 Pitlines
  • Service building
  • Extension of existing MEMU shed (towards BAND end) along with washing area and associated track works including Electrical (Genl) & TRD works for maintenance of Vande Bharat Chair car trains.

Advertised Value: Rs. 548908186.31

Period of Completion: 8 Months 


Covered shed is proposed to be built across the existing Pitlines 1,2,3 & a nNew Pitline 4.

New Pitline 4 will be developed in place of the existing line no. 1A.

Total span of the covered shed is 31.67 M from Portal columns C/C.

Portal Columns of the covered shed are supported by pile foundations. 

Tentative Modus Operandi:

  1. Dismantling of the existing catwalk of pitline-3 by diamond cutting up to Pitline raft bottom.
  2. Suspension of stabling line-6 during the foundation & erection works of the covered shed for 8 months.
  3. Casting of pile foundations of the shed on the right hand side of pitline-3 and stabling line-6
  4. Cast the foundation between existing line 1C and Pitline-1 for the proposed covered shed.
  5. Cast the raft for proposed Pitline-4
  6. Fabricate the structural steel column for Pitline-4 and erect with the help of a crane. 
  7. Fabricate and erect the structural members with the help of a crane of adequate capacity duly taking line block.
  8. Construct the catwalk for Pitline-3 along with columns of covered shed.
  9. Erect the roof sheet duly taking the line block.
  10. Complete miscellaneous works like walk way for inspection, OHE for pitline-4.
  11. Commission of the shed and pitline-4
  12. Stabling line-6 to be restored for traffic.

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