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Sandhar engineering’s proposal to set up auto parts unit near Nanjangud

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Gurugram based, National stock exchange (NSE) listed Sandhar engineering group proposes to set up a plant to make various auto components, mufflers (engine silencers) and other subsystems for automobiles. The proposed plant is expected to come up on an 8-acre plot at Thandya industrial estate – phase 2 near Nanjangud. The estimated investment is around Rs. 84 Crores providing jobs to over 500 people.  Apparently, the company already has an operational plant at Kadakola Industrial area, close to Mysuru airport. The new unit will be their second one. 

TVS motors plant is the attraction

In fact, Nanjangud already has a TVS motors facility that makes 2 and 3 wheelers for Indian as well as overseas markets and is doing pretty well. Also on the cards is the TVS motors’ new Rs. 1110 Crores plant slated to come up in Thandya industrial estate.

The Government of Karnataka has already given clearance for the same.  So, to meet the new demand for auto parts coming from these mother plants, few auto component makers have put up their units in the vicinity. Sandhar engineering is one of them ready to encash the opportunity.

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Locational advantage

Another advantage of locating the unit in the region is the Inland Container depot OR Multi-modal logistics park (ICD/ MMLP) and railway goods yard, just a few kilometres away.

The companies can make use of these facilities to transport their goods to Mangalore OR Chennai seaports for exports, OR to move their products to anywhere within India via containers. This will reduce their logistics costs big time and certainly makes their products competitive.

A brief about Sandhar engineering

This Gurugram based, NSE listed company has been in the automobile parts business since 1987 and has operations across the globe. Under collaboration from foreign partners, they make quality products at state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and supply to who’s who of auto majors in India and abroad. The product list is as follows

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  • Automotive locking and security systems
  • Automotive Vision Systems
  • Stampings
  • Operators Cabins & Structural Parts
  • Zinc Die Casting
  • Aluminium Die Casting
  • Magnesium Die Casting
  • Automotive Optoelectronics
  • Polymers
  • Painting, Plating and Coating
  • Commercial Tooling
  • Helmets
  • Assemblies
  • Fuel Pumps, Filters and Wiper Blades

The company has traditionally made products that supported automobiles driven by Internal combustion engines (ICE). However, in 2018 they made a conscious decision to get into the Electric Vehicle (EV) segment and started making components that go into EVs. With this diversification, the future of the Sandhar group looks to be good for both the Indian automobile industry in general and investors/ employees in particular.

The presence of the Sandhar group and a few other professional companies in the Thandya industrial estate will hopefully inject the “much needed” professionalism into the work culture of the region. 

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