Trin Trin - Mysuru Public Bicycle Sharing System

Trin Trin – Mysuru’s Public Bicycle Sharing system to be upgraded

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Revamping and Modernising the Public Bicycle Sharing System (PBS)

Trin Trin

The city has been witnessing a considerable proportion of uptake of PBS (Trin Trin) from work and education sectors. Buoyed by initial good response, the Authority aspires to modernise and expand the existing system to a fully automatic, smart lock enabled public bike sharing system. This revamped system is proposed to have 1000 bicycles and 100 hubs.

The PBS modernization shall introduce three distinct technological interventions in the current system. 

  • Upgradation from conventional bicycles to pedal-assist bicycles
    • This will help to reduce stress and impact on the rider’s knees and thighs on account of pedaling on undulating terrain of the city. Health trip users or any other users can choose to pedal just like normal bicycles, whenever they desire. The Pedal assist feature is expected to enable people of all ages and health to adopt cycling as a preferred mode for short trips.
  • Shift from beam style dock to dock-less system 
    • Beam style docks are fixed in nature, thereby reducing the scope of relocation and expansion. It also requires elaborate civil works compared to modular dock-less stations. The other advantage of the dock-less system is that the bicycle locking system is independent of the station thereby making the system much more flexible.
  • Introduce IoT based integrated lock system 
    • The IOT based Integrated lock in the bicycle not only makes the bicycle independent from any fixed infrastructure like beam or bollard but also efficient and effective in terms of ease of operation, robust nature of system and low maintenance cost. Also, high smartphone penetration in Mysore city augurs well for deploying this system. 

The revamping of current system shall also improve sustainability of the PBS project since it will comprise of,

  • Wider coverage area
  • Improved riding experience
  • Ease of accessibility with fully automatic system
  • Lower operational cost
  • Higher uptake as system is suitable for students and younger population
  • Tap in tourism potential of the city

The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) proposes to float a request for proposal for design, procurement, installation, operation, and maintenance of the PBS system in the city of Mysuru. The selected service provider will provide integrated and innovative solutions including the hardware, software, and system infrastructure required for operating the system.

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