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Mysuru urgently needs a regular Airport and a large Cargo Complex

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It is the need of the hour for Mysuru

Mysuru has serious connectivity issues, and it is more so with air-connectivity. It is because of this she is facing serious impediments with respect to her overall economic growth. Let’s do a brief study on the potential of Mysuru, and how it can be harnessed by establishing a full-fledged airport and an integrated cargo-complex to boost her economy. Let’s start with tourism.

A short brief on Mysuru’s Tourism

The cultural city of Mysuru has been known for her royal “way-of-life” – easy and laidback. The peace loving people of the city are proud to wear their culture on their sleeve and live in harmony. It is this “way-of-life” which attracts a whole lot of  outsiders to settle in Mysuru, as they too want to experience harmony in life.

Added to the enviable quality of life is the tourist attraction Mysuru offers – Royal Palaces, magnificent Temples, Flower Gardens, virgin Waterfalls, large Zoo garden, Mysuru silk sarees and the 10 days of Navratri extravaganza culminating with the royal procession on the Vijayadashami day (day of victory of truth over false, light over darkness). 

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There is a tremendous tourism potential, which is hardly exploited.

Brief on Mysuru’s Yoga

In addition to above said tourism attractions,  who-is-who of Yoga enthusiasts across the globe descend to Mysuru to perfect their Yogic poses. Thanks to the late grand maestro Pattabhi Jois, who carved a niche for himself by creating his own brand of Yoga called “Mysore style Yoga”, which is a super hit among the people all over the world. The branding facilitated the transformation of humble Mysuru into “Yoga capital” of India, which has added to the appeal. In fact, Mysuru lists in the top 10 international yoga destination charts.

Mr. Jois made his style of Yoga so popular among the foreigners across the globe that they (including the celebrities), flocked the city in droves to learn various “moves & poses” of Yoga directly from the master himself. 

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In fact, the internationally reputed TIME magazine in its 2008 article, called Mysuru as “Mecca of Celebrity Yoga”. Mysuru also attracts domestic Yoga learners as well in big numbers. 

Mysuru Airport
Photo By: AAI Mysuru Airport

Mysuru needs a full fledged airport

Other than Tourists and Yoga aficionados, the Mysuru is known for her industrious people, who have set up businesses there. There are manufacturing/ R&D units of MNCs operating out of Mysuru, as they too want to be at a  place that is fast emerging as a vibrant mini metro city, yet has a salubrious climate for their executives to live and work peacefully. People come and go out of Mysuru in big numbers for many reasons. Yet, the potential of Mysuru is not fully harnessed yet.  

What is required for that is a full fledged airport with easy connectivity to all major commercial and tourist hubs of India at convenient timings. This can transform Mysuru into a prominent tourist and commercial hub among Tier 2 cities of India, thus creating a whole lot of service jobs.

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Cargo potential

Mysuru region grows a variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables and other perishable crops, which need cargo handling facilities for quick airlifting for distribution across India.  Similarly, pharmaceutical companies in and around Mysuru which makes very “high value” medicines, need cargo facilities to handle medicines safely.  So is Defence food research laboratory (DFRL) – which creates packaged nutritious food for the armed forces, stationed at hot desert and bone freezing mountain regions. The lab needs cargo handling facilities to quickly transport their pre-cooked packaged food to these regions at the shortest possible time. 

Also, DFRL is gearing up to provide “SPACE FOOD” to astronauts for all ISRO’s upcoming manned missions to space. This requires a cargo complex with state-of-the-art equipment tailor made for “space needs” at the airport.

In addition to these,  in Mysuru there are companies which produce a variety of high value, low volume, delicate/ perishable goods, which need a cargo handling facility with the latest infrastructure. 

Large Cargo complex with modern facilities required

To meet the burgeoning demand for handling cargo from the region, there is an urgent demand to set up a large Cargo complex of International stature – the ones often seen in Singapore, Dubai, US, Europe etc. At Least, an area as large as 100 acres should be exclusively dedicated for this purpose near the airport. The cargo complex alone can add thousands of decently paid jobs to the existing job pool, boosting the local economy. So, now we understand why the advanced countries have focused on building such complexes dotting the length and breadth of their regions.

The cargo complex at Mandakalli can be developed in phases (1st, 2nd and 3rd).

Mysuru Airport
Photo by: AAI Mysuru Airport

Current situation

The present airport at mandakalli is a small one which operates under UDAAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik) scheme OR regional connectivity scheme. So, Mandakalli airport  can support only turboprop aircrafts (ATR aircrafts) and is not well connected to major cities due to the fact that they (small aircrafts) can’t fly long distances at a stretch. This limits the connectivity of Mysuru with only a few destinations near her, creating a stumbling block for her growth. 

Urgently increase frequency of daily flights to Bengaluru

It is noteworthy to mention here that KSRTC operates 36 seater Air conditioned buses approximately every 2 hours between KIA and Mysuru with good passenger traffic each trip, reiterating the fact that there is round the clock traffic. But on the downside, it takes nearly 3.5 hours by road, one way, which is also subject to traffic uncertainties. To have reliable service and ensure faster travel, 25 ~ 30 seater choppers or similar sized aircrafts can be deployed every two hours, from either end. By this atleast Mysuru can get connected indirectly to major commercial and tourist hubs of India through Bengaluru whilst saving travel time. This can be done without wasting much time.

This arrangement can continue till the existing airport is fully expanded.

Need daily Cargo Flights to Bengaluru

Mysuru airport should start daily cargo flights to Bangaluru on an immediate basis to help the exporters of the region. Currently lack of dedicated cargo handling capacity at the airport and exclusive cargo flights from Mysuru to Bengaluru is seriously crippling the export economy of the region.  The cargo meant for airlifting goods for exports, is being routed to Bengaluru OR Mangaluru airports through trucks choking the already congested roads. No one is benefiting out of this though.


The need of the hour for Mysuru is a regular airport that can accommodate boeings, airbuses, jumbo jets of the world and a large international size cargo complex.

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