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Under Ground Electric Cabling in Mysuru City

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CESCOM is implementing UG Cabling in certain parts of the city (about a third of city area) which shall ensure uninterrupted power supply and provide clean aesthetics to the tourists. 

CESCOM is carrying out the works in three packages, first two packages include UG Cabling works in model subdivisions while the third package includes supply and Installation of HRC fuse switch based LT feeder pillar box in model Sub Divisions of CESC, MYSURU. The total cost of the project adds to 369.45 Crore. 

UG Cabling: Table

CESCOM has drawn up a 1000 crore future plan to cover most parts of the city. The blueprint is ready and is awaiting approval from the state government. 

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The Scope of the work for package 1 & 2 broadly covers Supply, Erection testing and commissioning of the following:

  • 11kV New link lines/New feeders
  • Conversion of overheads by UG cables – 11 KV Feeders
  • Conversion of  overheads by UG  cables – LT (LT- Low tension)
  • Providing DAS compatible RMUs (DAS- Distribution automation system, RMU- Ring main unit)
  • LT AB Cable in Hazardous Location (AB- Aerial bunching)  
  • Conversion of overheads by UG – Service Mains
  • Compact substations
  • Providing DAS compatible RMUs, refurbishment of existing DTC’s/providing 5 star rated distribution transformers, providing additional transformers (DTC- Distribution transformer controller)

Current Status

The project is lagging behind schedule due to covid pandemic and poor coordination among the facilitating agencies as the work involves some degree of road cutting. To minimise the extent of road cutting, the contractors have deployed modern boring machines which spatially cut through beneath without affecting the above road crust structurally or hindering the live traffic. 

Advantages of UG cabling

  • Ensure uninterrupted quality power supply by eliminating outages caused by winds, rain or falling trees
  • Eliminate economic loss caused to local businesses in CBD due to outages 
  • Safe and secure way of transmission
  • Elimination of power theft

Removal of redundant electric poles will enhance the aesthetics of city making it more photogenic to the visitors. However, it is to be noted that removal of such poles post the commissioning of underground power supply by CESCOM is MCC’s responsibility. 

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