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Final Location Survey for Construction of Mysuru-Kushalnagar Railway Line

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Chief Administrative Officer, Construction, SWR has called for Conducting Final Location Survey for the construction of 87 kilometres New Broad Gauge Mysuru-Kushalnagar Railway Line. The railway line was sanctioned on 27-02-2019 by the Ministry of Railways, for 1854.62 Crore. 

Tender document extract of Mysuru - Kushalnagar Railway Line

With the above tender call, the pursuit to link Kodagu and Mysuru district with a Broad Gauge railway line just got a very significant boost. A final location survey is the first important step that is carried out during detailing of any Greenfield railway project. It is in this survey where multidisciplinary investigations like topographical, geotechnical, hydrological etc. are taken up and the consolidated data is used to finalise route alignment, identify land usages and also develop a blueprint of geotechnical, structural, architectural, MEP and other designs all in conjunction with each other. 


A final location survey is divided into 2 schedules namely Unified Standard Schedule Of Rates (USSOR) items and Survey items.  Department cost of the work is 1.62 crore with a completion period of 9 months. To have a brief understanding of the scope of work, only major items are summarised below.   

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USSOR Items- Schedule 1: Soil investigation –It deals with the geotechnical survey.  It involves drilling of 150 MM dia boreholes to a depth of 20 M in soft ground and drilling of 75 MM dia boreholes to a depth of 20 M in hard strata (rocky conditions). The excavated earth material is collected as undisturbed and disturbed samples. The samples are subjected to various laboratory tests like Tri-axial, Unconfined compression, Direct shear to derive engineering properties of the ground. These properties of ground are used in designing foundations for superstructures like major and minor bridges, stations, culverts, slope stability of cuts, the stability of tracks, and necessary ground improvement among others. One may now realise the importance of such an exercise.

Survey Items-Schedule 2: Aerial survey- It involves conducting Photogrammetric survey using satellite imagery data (CARTOS set or similar), Aerial Topographical Survey using DGPS based integrated Drone and LiDAR System and Drone-based aerial survey.  With this survey data various macroscopic features like rivers, streams, farmlands, hills, highways, obligatory points etc. can be understood well for the development of the route. Hydrological investigations for proposed bridges along the route are to be carried out using a digital elevation model, which helps in understanding high flood levels. Alignment and Track engineering- it includes Design of best-fit alignment and development of alignment drawings showing all track design features. Structural engineering – involves the design and general arrangement drawings of proposed Bridges, subways, culverts, station buildings, yard etc. along with relevant Architectural and MEP drawings. Preparation of Detailed Works Programme, showcasing a complete sequence of construction activities, step by step, with their target completion dates and required resources.

MP Pratap Simha’s passion driving the Train

Mysuru-Kodagu Member of parliament Shri Pratap Simha relentlessly followed up with the Ministry of Railways to get the Mysuru-Kushalnagar Railway Line project moving. He was successful in getting the project listed in the pink book 2018-2019. He has also petitioned the State Government to incur a portion of the cost and expedite land acquisition for the project. 

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The railway line shall open up enormous opportunities to the traders surrounding Kushalnagar, and Hunsur regions who grow high-quality tobacco and manufacture quality rosewood furniture. Tourism would see a major fillip in the region with this railway line getting integrated with India’s rail network.

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