Over Head Wires

Why do fast-growing cities like Mysuru need Underground power distribution cabling?

Like most cities in India, Mysuru too has overhead power distribution cables criss-crossing the city. That means the power distribution network in Mysuru is of the overhead line type where poles are erected at the roadside on footpaths and electric lines are hung on them. Disadvantages of overhead power distribution  There are many disadvantages to […]

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Photo by Markus Spiske: https://www.pexels.com/photo/landscape-clouds-trees-outside-967072/

Golden Quadrilateral Corridor of Karnataka to contribute to its massive Economic Growth

Karnataka version of the Golden quadrilateral expressway corridor connecting Tier 2 & 3 cities can create a miracle economy News in brief The time has come to replicate the center’s Golden quadrilateral expressway corridor in the state. The potential of Karnataka’s Tier 2/ 3 cities is HARDLY tapped due to various reasons and one among […]

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Karighatta | Pic Courtesy- Gururaj M S

Karighatta hill, the abode of Lord Venkatesha is inviting devotees with open arms to come and seek divine blessings

Synopsis Lord Vekateshwara temple on top of Karighatta hills is another millenia old gem that not many are aware of. But those who do, swear to come back again and again, such is the pull. They say whoever goes to this temple with folded hands, devotion filled heart, and mind focussed on the Lord’s lotus […]

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Betel Leaf | https://unsplash.com/photos/KIOy4ov5upc?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditShareLink

The GI tagged Mysuru Betel Leaf (ಮೈಸೂರು ವೀಳ್ಯದೆಲೆ) with unique aroma and packed nutrients has the traits of superfood

Synopsis Mysuru, with unique weather, soil conditions and talented people, is home to 18 GI(Geographical Indication) products, and one among them is “BETEL LEAF ” grown exclusively in and around Mysuru city. This article is introduced in two parts as a docu-series. The first part will shed some light on this leaf and in the […]

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Page Industries

Page Industries – maker of Jockey & Speedo brand of products is expanding Mysuru plant

Page Industries – An Introduction “JOCKEY or Nothing” is the brand tagline for JOCKEY International Inc – a multibillion dollar USA company famous for their high end/ high quality underwear. Page Industries Limited is headquartered in Bengaluru, and is the exclusive licensee of JOCKEY International Inc. (USA) for manufacture, distribution and marketing of the JOCKEY […]

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Credits: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI

Indian Institute of Astrophysics to establish Cosmology Center and a Planetarium in Mysuru

COSMOS will host India’s first planetarium with Digistar 7 system and a Domex Screen.  Indian Institute of Astrophysics is the nodal agency for setting up of COSMOS, while the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space, Government of India are all extending financial & technical support. It is noteworthy […]

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 Sri Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple | Pic Courtesy: SWE-Yaatrik

Biligiri Ranganatha Swamy temple – A must visit to bring spiritual tranquility

Synopsis Biligiri Ranganatha Swamy temple (BRST)- another hidden gem of the Mysuru region is being introduced briefly to the people through this article. Though people from the Mysuru region know about this temple, it is for those who haven’t heard about BRST this article is catering to.  Sri Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple – A brief introduction […]

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Rangsons Aerospace

Mysuru based Rangsons Aerospace provides critical Communication Data Link for India’s Stealth Combat Drone

Mysuru based Aerospace company “Rangsons Aerospace” has designed and developed a world-class 2-way data communication solutions for India’s state-of-the-art stealth combat drone. The technological superiority is becoming the deciding factor for winning a modern day warfare The twenty-first century is seeing break-neck changes in the way war is fought. With the mainstreaming of super intelligent […]

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Sandalwood Economy – How Sandalwood Cultivation can bring fortunes to Growers and the Government- Part 2

Synopsis In the first part (Read Part-1) we have read about what makes Mysuru sandalwood oil special. In the second part, we shall understand the ways in which the government can kick-start the booming sandalwood economy. There is an insatiable demand for Sandalwood oil in the world market, whose rates have crossed USD 3000 per […]

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Mysuru Sandalwood Oil | Pic Courtesy - KSDL

The story of GI tagged Mysuru Sandalwood Oil – The world’s most sought-after Natural Fragrance Oil – Part 1

Synopsis “Mysore Sandal ” OR the Sandalwood grown in the Mysuru district, is a variety of sandalwood tree species that is said to be one of the few best assortments in the world. The aroma of the oil, extracted from this breed, grown in the typical climatic condition and the soil (available in the Mysuru […]

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ISMC Mysuru

Mysuru’s Bengaluru moment has arrived with ISMC fab unit

Bangaluru in the pre IT years Till late 1980, Bengaluru was the garden city and the pensioners’ paradise of India.  With shady tree lined broad roads, clean water, salubrious climate, peace loving people, Bengaluru was most sought-after city to lead a healthy and peaceful life post retirement.  In fact, the city was known for large […]

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Representative pic | Pic Courtesy: Brigade

Fast-growing cities like Mysuru, Mangaluru, Hubballi, Belagavi, Kalaburagi have to grow vertical to retain their edge

Synopsis The land is to be treated like a commodity exactly the way we treat water, electricity, fuel, oil, coal, food etc. Like every other commodity, the land is also scarce that needs to be optimally used. Cities in the 21st century need to use their land to the utmost efficiency to provide a HIGH […]

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IBM Mysuru

IBM opened Client Innovation Centre in Mysuru

On 08-Nov-2021, IBM opened its new Client Innovation Center (CIC) in Mysuru to support the rapid, high-tech driven economic growth in the region and provide comprehensive hybrid cloud and AI technology consulting capabilities. CIC is a unit of IBM Consulting (IBMC) that specializes in the design, software engineering and analytics. The CIC’s mission is to […]

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CFTRI - Millets

CFTRI to set up Centre of Excellence on Millets and Incubation Centre for aiding Millet startups

Millets – The new fad of the health conscious people Background Information Millets have been a regular staple of Indians since ancient times. However, they slowly lost their sheen in the last 200 years or so with the arrival of processed food – ready-to-eat/ easy-to-cook/ not-so-healthy/ quick-to-bite kind. The superbly polished, visually appealing, pre-processed food […]

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Representative Pic | Kalyana Patha

Bidar Chamarajanagar Economic Corridor – Kalyana Patha Part 1

An expressway to prosperity Preface In our previous article we had talked about how using the locally available resources one can build a MODERN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR in the region that stretches from Chamarajanagar to Bidar, all along the Kalyana Patha expressway (E-way).  This article talks about the development of the towns and cities along the […]

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Side Effects of Coronavirus: Jobs Flee from Metros to Small Towns

Preface Side effects of Coronavirus: The global economy tanked due to several lockdowns, social distancing and closure of businesses. But one thing that has set the ball rolling is the unprecedented shift of focus from Metros to small towns.  That means cities like Mysuru, Tumakuru, Mandya, Davangere, Ballari, Mangaluru, Udupi, Hubballi-Dharwad, Belagavi, Kalaburagi, Vijayapura, Shivamogga, […]

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Bidar Chamarajanagar Kalyana Patha – An Expressway to Prosperity

Preface “This article is written to tell the world how an ordinary looking Bidar Chamarajanagar expressway – NH150A can bring prosperity to the region. If the projects we propose are implemented in totality, It can permanently transform the region for good. It has the potential to create lakhs of jobs for the youth in their […]

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Circuit Board

Mysuru ESDM Cluster

Cluster Approach to Strengthen the Local Electronic Industry Background Mysuru ESDM Cluster: India’s import of electronics goods like – TVs, Mobile phones, wearable electronic items, Cameras, automobile electronics, communication gears, computers, laptops, defence electronics etc. have skyrocketed and has gone over the roof. The import bill of electronic goods is on par with the import […]

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Flower Sellers, at Devaraja Market, Mysuru | Image Credit- Wikipedia Commons

Floriculture in the Old Mysuru Region – A Perspective

Preface Floriculture in the Old Mysuru Region; We are bringing out our Analysis of the issues faced by the floriculture industry in Karnataka currently, and our step-by-step approach to solve them. We will come out with our roadmap to modernise it and transform it to bring it on par with other industries – IT, manufacturing, […]

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