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Mysuru to have the Centre of Excellence for Metaverse

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International Hub for mixed reality – A KDEM Initiative

As a part of the “Beyond Bangaluru” initiative, soon Mysuru will see the establishment of an “International Hub for mixed reality” – a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for the world of mixed reality OR Metaverse. it is a joint venture project of Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) – a government of Karnataka,   Excelsoft Technologies, Mysuru, and MGIEP, New Delhi. 

C.N. Ashwath Narayan, Minister for IT/BT and Higher Education, announced the establishment of a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Metaverse led by KDEM in collaboration with Excelsoft Technologies in Mysuru at the Bengaluru Tech Summit held recently.

International Society of the Learning institute (ISLI)

The IHEM is conceived with the ISLI at its core, to provide world-class research and evidence-based, certified educational resources to learners. A digital design university, a Teachers’ Training Academy, and a unique residential school for children with dyslexia are some of the other unique features of the IHEM, the release added.

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NEP implementation will get a boost from IHEM

The IHEM aims to enable an ecosystem that will build capacity, train teachers, and spawn edtech start-ups in the vicinity.  This will make Karnataka, the pioneer in technology and the research-assisted enabler for National Education Policy (NEP) implementation in India. Cybersecurity and learner data will become increasingly important in such an environment, according to the release.

Karnataka will spearhead the establishment of futuristic ed-startups

The new-age startups in Karnataka are coming out with new products and services on digital technologies like AR/VR/XR, Animation, all clubbed together in the metaverse. 

Companies in the future, in almost all domains of the economy, are going to be leveraging these technologies and making them ubiquitous. With the kind of tech ecosystem available in the state, Karnataka will lead the Metaverse revolution in India, and namma Mysuru will humbly contribute to it.

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Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Excelsoft’s initiative will bear fruits

Excelsoft, a Mysuru-based 20 years old Edtech company will see growth on steroids in the future by jumping into the Metaverse. The AR/VR/XR – Augmented reality, Virtual reality, and Extended reality tech will play a very dominant role in making complex academic subjects very simple to understand for kids. If executed well, this can bring great returns on Excelsoft’s Investments (ROI) and can make the promoters go laughing all the way to the bank.


These technologies can be used across the domains – Education, Aerospace, Engineering, design, Automotive, Construction, Outerspace, and others

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