Ashokapuram Railway Station

Ashokapuram Railway Station Remodeling to decongest Mysuru Junction

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In order to augment the berthing capacity at the Mysuru, South Western Railways has taken up the yard remodeling of Ashokapuram Railway Station. The work is planned to be executed in two phases. 

The phase-1 yard remodeling works will cost Rs.15.7 crore with a tentative completion date of February 2023. And, the phase -2 work is taken up with a cost of Rs. 13.39 crore with a tentative completion date of June 2023.

The yard remodeling work requires an additional land of 5310 Sqm of Government owned & 344 Sqm of Private owned land. MP Shri. Pratap Simha during the recently held Gati Shakti Meeting at the Mysuru Railway Division Office assured to help acquire the required land for the yard remodeling. 

The yard remodeling will improve the operational efficiency, and will also enable introduction of additional long distance trains and MEMU services from Mysuru. 

Foot Over Bridge (FoB)

Extension of Foot Over Bridge (FoB) is planned with a cost of Rs.1.86 crore and the tender has already is awarded. The Present FOB is connecting PF-1 to PF-2 & 3 and will be extended to connect to the new PF-4 & 5 and also to the outside of Ashokapuram station (towards Srirampura).

Additional facilities planned for passengers at Ashokapuram railway station

  • Provision of three additional platform lines (Road-4, Road-5, Road-6) & one non-platform line (Road-7).
  • Construction of new Platform No.4 & 5 –540m length including Platform shelters.
  • Extension of existing Platform 1 by 87.5m and Platform 2 & 3 by 57.5m
  • Extension of FOB.
  • Two Stabling lines for Workshop.
  • Other facilities such as Coach watering arrangements, Room for PFTR, etc.

November 2022 Pictorial updates of yard remodeling

Formation works for ROAD-6 & ROAD-7

Extension Work of Platforms

  1. Extension of PF-1 towards Mysuru end
  2. Extension of PF-2 & 3 towards Chamarajanagar end

Precast Concrete Slabs for Platform Coping

Formation works for the Workshop Stabling lines

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2 thoughts on “Ashokapuram Railway Station Remodeling to decongest Mysuru Junction

  1. Dear Mr.Prathap Simha, Good work. Kindly provide commercial stop to Chamarajanagar-Tirupathi-Chamarajanagar at Ashokapuram Railway Station with immediate effect.

    1. Yes !! I also demand for the same !! I live near J.P Nagar (Kuppaluru) and Ashokapuram is the nearest station to me. Henceforth need a stop !!

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