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MUDA all set to upgrade Peripheral Layouts

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Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) is banking on internal funds for the upgradation, phase 1 spending is to the tune of 200 crore plus

The process of handing over peripheral layouts to Mysuru City Corporation has always hit a roadblock with one major contentious issue being unresolved i.e. lack of basic civic infrastructure. Recently the MUDA Chief requested the Chief Minister of the State to grant permission to utilise MUDA’s own funds for the developmental works, which has been granted. 

MUDA now has got into action with an expenditure plan of over 400 crore to develop layouts in its jurisdiction.

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MUDA intends to take up various works like- electrification of roads, underground drainage, water supply, developing missing road links, streetlights, and park development among others. 

A positive step towards Greater Mysuru City Corporation

Once the basic infrastructure in the peripheral layouts is upgraded, the case for absorbing them under the MCC fold increases, thus paving the way for systematic maintenance under MCC.

Pic Courtesy: Akash F Patil

Zones and their respective civil works are listed below for reference 

Roads, Drains, UGD and basic infra-  Nachanahlly-Kuppaluru 3rd stage Layout (P1), Handuvinahally Layout, Basavangudi Layout, Devirammanahally Layout & Nanjangudu Town. (P-2), Nanjangudu town and Village area (P-3), J.P.Nagara 2nd Stage (P-74), Srirampura 2nd & 3rd stage (P-75) under Zone 1.

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Roads, Drains & basic infra- Datagalli 3rd stage, Bogadi 2nd stage, Martikyathanahalli, Dasanakoppalu, Bogadi, Ganigarahundi villages under Zone 2. 

Roads, Drains and park- Vijayanagar 4th stage 1,2 and 3rd stages under Zone 3.

Roads, Drains, UGD and basic infra- Vijayanagara 1st and 2nd stage, Gokulam 3rd stage, Hebbal 2nd stage, Nanneshwara layout, Mahalakshmi layout , Belagola, Hosa Ananduru, Hulikere, Beechanakuppe, Undawadi, Bastipura, Mogarahalli village (P83 TO P90 and P24) under Zone 4. 

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Roads, Drains and other basic infra-  R.T.Nagara, Vijayanagar 3rd stage (A1,A,B,C,D,E,F,G Block) , Mooganhundi, Halalu, K.Salundi, Parasayyanhundi village (P37 to P39, P6 to P9 ) – under ZONE 3 and 7.

Roads, drains, UGD & Water supply works- Bannimantap industrial A & B, Metagalli, Brindavana layout, Gokulam 4th stage, Hongalli, Majjigepur, Belavatha, Belagola, Huralikyathnahalli villages under Zone 5A.

Roads, drains, UGD & basic infra – Devanur 1,2,3 stages, NR Mohalla, Udaygiri, Hanchya, Sathagalli A, Kesare & Ramanahalli villages under Zone 5B.

Roads, drains, UGD & basic infra – Devanur 1,2,3 stages, NR Mohalla, Udaygiri, Hanchya, Sathagalli A, Kesare & Ramanahalli villages under Zone 5B.

Roads, drains & culverts- Lalithadri nagar N & S, Lal bahadur shashtri nagar, Shantaveri gopala gowda, Vinaya layout, Chamundi hill, Nandini, Hosahundi, KC, JC, Bandipalya,Pinjarpole, Chornahalli, Hadjana * Makanundi villages under Zone 6.

Roads, drains, UGD & basic infra-  Vasanthanagara, Hanchya-Sathagalli B Zone, Sathagalli 1st and 2nd stage, Nandini layout 2nd stage, Nadanahalli, Alanahalli panchayathi limits, Vidyashankara layout, Gousiyanagar, Kalyanagirinagara (P40 TO P43, P45, P46, P100, P101, P108) under Zone 8.

External Electrification to Missing Links and Street Lights – Vijayanagara 4th Stage 1,2 & 3 Phase, Devanuru 3rd Stage, Vijayanagara 3rd Stage, Hanchya-Sathagalli A&B Zone, Hanchya-Sathagalli 2nd Stage and Kuppaluru Nachanahalli Layouts (P47 TO P49).

UGD Facilities and construction of STP – Nachanhally-Kuppaluru 3rd stage A & B Zone Layout, Goruru & Ramabainagara area , improvements to road from BEML layout to Mandakalli ,Villages of Varuna Constituency (UGD) , Lalbaudur Shashri Nagr,Shanthaveri Gopalgowda Nagar,Lalithadripura North & South Layout, Vasanth Nagar,Sathagalli 2 nd Stage & Hanchya,Sathagalli B Zone Layout (UGD) (P50 to P52, P59, P60) under ZONE-1,6,8.

Road & UGD Facilitites -Vijayanagar 3RD, 4TH Stage 1,2 & 3RD Phases ,Ilawala, Nagavala, Belavadi, Huliyalu, Chikkahulilalu, Devanur 3RD Stage, Dattagalli 3RD Stage, Martikyathanahalli and Dasakoppalu (P23,P53 to P58,P102) under ZONE-2,3,5B

Water supply facilities- Vijayanagar 4th stage, 1,2 & 3rd Pajses, Dattagalli 3rd stage, Nachanahalli-Koppaluru 3rd stage A under Zone-1,2,3. 

Water supply facilities- Devanuru 3rd stage, Lal bahadur shashtri nagar, Shantaveri Gopal gowda, Lalithadrinagar S & N, Hanchya, Sathagalli B, Sathagalli 2nd stage, Vasantha nagar under Zone 5B,6,8.

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