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Mangaluru International Airport Expansion Project at ₹5200 Crores

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Mangaluru International Airport expansion will be undertaken in Phases

Mangaluru International Airport Limited (MIAL) has laid out a comprehensive master plan to expand the Mangaluru International airport at a cost of Rs. 5200 crores 


Mangaluru or Mangalore airport has been the gateway to the coastal Karnataka. The coastal region is beautiful with virgin beaches, coastal food, and of course beautiful temples. The region attracts a high number of tourists from all over India and the world, and tourism has been a multi-million dollar industry.

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Mangaluru has a working airport with flights connecting all major commercial centers in India. On an international scale, Mangaluru maintains connections with a significant number of Middle Eastern countries. A lot of migrant workers, professionals, and businessmen from Coastal Karnataka and Kerala fly to the Gulf via this airport. There has been a steady increase in air traffic over the years, and the airport is reaching its maximum capacity fast.

Airport expansion is a boon for Mangaluru

The expanded airport can be very attractive to businessmen, as they find coming to and going from Mangaluru is a breeze. Mangaluru has a vibrant Information Technology (IT) industry, and the expanded airport can lure more IT investments in the coastal region (Mangaluru & Udupi). 

Apart from IT, Mangaluru is famous for its oil refinery and petrochemical industry. The government of India has built massive underground storage tanks for storing oil as strategic reserves. Mangaluru is fast emerging as a hotspot for green hydrogen projects, with over one lakh Crores rupees of investments in the pipeline. These projects will result in an increased number of people visiting the city for business purposes, and this calls for an expanded airport. Let’s throw some light on the airport expansion project envisaged by MIAL.

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Background of Mangaluru International Airport Limited

A Concession Agreement for Operation, Maintenance, Management & Development of MIA was signed between the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Mangaluru International Airport Limited (MIAL, formerly known as Adani Mangaluru International Airport Limited) on 14th February 2020.

As per the Concession Agreement, MIAL has been entrusted with the responsibility to operate and manage the existing airport assets. They will also be responsible for designing, engineering, financing, construction, upgradation, and development of future airside, terminal, cityside, and landside infrastructure for the airport in phases. Additionally, they will manage its subsequent operation and management for a 50-year concession period from the commercial date of operation (COD) on 31st October 2020.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has already issued a certificate of incorporation for the change of name from Adani Mangaluru International Airport Ltd to Mangaluru International Airport Ltd.

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Need for Mangaluru Airport Expansion

In anticipation of the projected traffic growth, Mangaluru International Airport Limited (MIAL) is proposing an expansion plan.

Projected Growth : Increased air passengers in numbers

  • According to CAPA traffic projections, the annual passenger count at MIA is estimated to reach approximately 22.5 million passengers per annum (MPPA) in its ultimate phase.
  • The annual cargo volume is forecasted to be around 0.12 million tonnes per annum (MTPA).

Expansion Proposal

  • The proposal encompasses a range of works, including relocation, improvement, modification, up-gradation, augmentation, and modernization of existing airside and landside facilities and infrastructure.


Mangaluru International airport expansion
Proposed Master Plan of Mangaluru International Airport Expansion

Land Details for the Expansion Proposals 

  • Mangaluru International Airport Limited (MIAL) is proposing an expansion of MIA within an area of 225.64 hectares (equivalent to 557.57 acres).
  • This expansion includes the use of a land area of 7.03 hectares (equivalent to 17.37 acres) which has been retained by the Airport Authority of India (AAI).
  • The development will cover both airside and landside components, with a flexible allocation of 169.94 hectares (419.92 acres) and 55.70 hectares (137.65 acres), respectively.
  • An additional area of 13.35 hectares (equivalent to 33 acres) has been identified for acquisition and utilization. It is subject to its availability from AAI, to enhance operational safety and practices.

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Proposed Infrastructure Development works under Mangaluru Airport Expansion

The project will be scheduled in phases in line with the Master Plan. The budgetary estimate for the master plan development is INR 5,200 Crores.

The development works to be undertaken are as follows.

Terminal Development

The proposed master plan is inclusive of two integrated terminal buildings, i.e., existing developed Terminal with future eastern expansion and New Terminal Building (NTB) to accommodate up to 22.5 million passengers per annum (MPPA) with a built-up area of approximately 183,221 square meters.

S. NoComponentsExistingProposed
1Footprint Area17,574 Sq.m68,186 Sq.m
2Built-up Area47,464 Sq.m1,83,221 Sq.m
Mangaluru International airport expansion

The new terminal building will follow a concept of a three-level structure::

  • Basement: Baggage handling system, other systems, storage, Back of house facilities.
  • Ground Level: Arrival processing and other support facilities.
  • Level 1: Departure processing and other support facilities.

Apron & Taxiway Development

Mangaluru International airport expansion
Proposed Apron Development
Mangaluru International airport expansion
Proposed Taxiway Development
  • The apron is proposed to be developed with 35 stands.
  • The parallel taxiway will undergo modification to incorporate Rapid Exit Taxiways (RETs) and entry/exit ways as per the Master Plan.
  • Both the apron and taxiway will be developed within an area spanning 34.75 hectares.

Runway Shift

  • There will be a shift of the runway to the eastern side, involving a 70-meter adjustment, to ensure compliance with RESA (Runway End Safety Area) requirements.
  • Runway Operation will be designed for Code D aircraft (B767-400 ER)

Cargo Complex

Mangalore airport expansion
Proposed Locations of Cargo Complex
  • A cargo complex is planned for development, encompassing a total floor area of 48,600 square meters.
  • The cargo complex is expected to have the capacity to handle cargo up to 0.12 million tonnes per annum (MTPA).

The proposed cargo facility has been planned to encompass and facilitate various types of cargo operations. Which includes international cargo (import, export, and transit), domestic cargo, express/courier cargo, perishable and non-perishable cargo, air mail, valuable cargo, cold storage, and hazardous cargo. The estimated breakdown of domestic cargo consists of 0.2% perishable and pharmaceutical cargo and 99.8% non-perishable cargo. And international cargo comprises 98% perishable cargo and 2% non-perishable cargo.

Cityside Development (CSD)

As per the concession agreement, the Cityside Development (CSD) will be carried out within an overall area of 4.04 hectares (equivalent to 10 acres). It is subject to obtaining the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.

Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP)

  • There are plans to construct two multi-level car parks (MLCP).
  • These MLCPs will have a total of 1,125 parking spaces.
  • Additionally, they will have the capacity to accommodate 1.5 times more Passenger Car Units (PCUs).

Proposed Connectivity

For connectivity to the new terminal building, the Airport Authority of India has requested the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation (KUIDFC) to construct a new approach road that connects the proposed new terminal building to the existing state highway SH-66A (Mangaluru – Bajpe road). The proposed project road includes the following components:

Stretch-I: Strengthening of existing SH 66A for 1.125 km, connecting from Konkan Railway ROB to the Airport approach road at Devi College of Pharmacy.

Stretch-II: Construction of a 0.888 km new 4-lane road from Devi College of Pharmacy to the new Airport Terminal. With each lane being 3.5 meters wide, a 1.2-meter-wide median, and 1.0-meter-wide shoulders with drainage on both sides. Total width: 17.2 meters.

Western Side:

Mangalore airport expansion

The existing exit road on the western side will be expanded to become a 3+3 lane divided arterial road. It will serve as the primary entry and exit route for the western terminal. Additionally, the existing West Terminal access road is set to be widened to accommodate 2+2 lanes. This road will primarily handle western cargo traffic and departing vehicles.

Eastern Side: The eastern terminal will have two access points:

Mangalore airport expansion
  • One access route will connect to the city through an existing road that links the eastern landside area.
  • The second access point will be via a proposed West–East connecting elevated landside road.

Employment Potential

Operational Phase: 14,500 direct and indirect employment.


The expanded International airport will take the business and tourism potential of Mangaluru to new heights. To cater to the booming business, the hospitality industry will line up top-notch hotels like Hiltons, Hyatt Regencies, The Tajs, Oberois, etc. In the end, it is the common man who will enjoy the fruits, as the businesses throw a lot of jobs to the local people. Increased jobs lead to enhanced prosperity, which is good for the society.

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