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ITC IndiVision Export-Grade Nicotine Plant to be Commissioned Shortly 

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ITC IndiVision unit near Mysuru is all set to commence its operations

ITC IndiVision Limited (IIVL) was incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITC Limited on July 9, 2020. The company has made significant progress during the year towards the construction of India’s first green-field threshing plant near Mysuru at a 100-acre land area at an investment of Rs. 280 Crores. The manufacturing facility is primarily for the production and export of nicotine and nicotine derivative products.

ITC IndiVision’s manufacturing facility in Mysuru focuesses on export of Nicotine and nicotine derivative products to the US and EU. ITC is close to completing the Mysore facility, and it expects to commission it shortly. This accomplishment is poised to position ITC as one of the world’s premier manufacturers of the purest nicotine.

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ITC IndiVision Mysore Manufacturing unit- Export Oriented

ITC IndiVision is currently in the process of obtaining regulatory approvals to commence trials and commissioning. The facility has the capability to manufacture nicotine derivatives that conform to US and EU pharmacopeia standards, guaranteeing the production of the purest products.

Currently, crude nicotine is exported to European nations. It undergoes purification and value addition there, resulting in only a small share of the purified nicotine market remaining in India. ITC’s Mysore facility aims to reverse this trend and increase India’s share of the purified nicotine export market.


Pharmacopeias are legally binding collections of standards and quality specifications for medicines used in a country or region. These guidelines are applicable to anyone involved in the production, distribution, or regulation of medicinal products. They provide quality control methods and requirements on the quality of medicinal products and the substances used to manufacture them.

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It involves Natural Organic Chemical Industrial Processes

Nicotine is a naturally occurring substance, and pure nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves. Combining nicotine liquid with naturally occurring tartaric acid forms Nicotine Di-tartrate Di-hydrate. Throughout the manufacturing process, there is no alteration of the nicotine molecule at any stage. Instead, it involves straightforward unit operations like transferring, separating, and purifying through boiling. The solvents used, such as methanol and methylene dichloride, serve as carrier media and do not participate in the reaction.

About ITC IndiVision Mysore Plant

ITC IndiVision Mysore plant is located at Immavu Industrial area. The facility is coming up on 33,281 sq. meters. It will generate 205 direct jobs.

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